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How do 'Beware of Dog' signs affect personal injury lawsuits?

Victims of dog attacks in Wisconsin will likely consider their legal options. However, dog owners are not necessarily always at fault, and various aspects will have to be considered to establish negligence in a personal injury lawsuit. While owners of dangerous dogs may believe that posting signs to warn people of the presence of dogs on their properties may prevent lawsuits, that may not necessarily get every Wisconsin dog owners off the hook.

Personal injury: Attack by familiar dogs kills 8-year-old

Wisconsin residents who have threatening dogs in their neighborhoods may be wise to report it to authorities and make sure action is taken before a tragedy happens. Many personal injury lawsuits are filed in civil courts after dog attacks, and in many cases, the victims are familiar with the dogs that attack them. A child in another state was recently killed by dogs with which he often played.

Personal injury lawsuit may follow dog attack

Most Wisconsin residents who have dogs see them as loyal and playful companions. However, all animals have wild sides, and all they have teeth with which to defend themselves when they feel threatened. While dog bites are painful, they can also be deadly. Dog owners are responsible for their dogs, and if anybody is bitten, the owners may face personal injury lawsuits.

Personal injury: Teach children about the dangers of dog bites

Authorities say between four and five million people suffer dog bites nationwide every year, and approximately one in five bites develop infections. Wisconsin residents who have pet dogs must comply with regulations to prevent their dogs from attacking other people. If such an incident occurs, the victim may file a personal injury lawsuit against the dog owner.

Personal injury claim may follow dog attack in Wisconsin

Residents of Wisconsin will likely be aware of the responsibilities dog owners have to prevent attacks on other people who may visit their properties. However, what happens when a person is bitten by a dog in a public area? Can such an attack lead to a personal injury lawsuit?

Teenager wrongly suffers personal injury from police dog

Specially trained dogs are used by law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin and across the country. Their sense of smell and hearing capabilities are more sensitive than humans, making them an asset in many investigations. Although they are trained to follow commands, their natural animal instincts are still present, and they may occasionally react unpredictably. Recently, a teenage boy was bitten by a police dog that was originally in pursuit of a running suspect. His family has enlisted the aid of a personal injury attorney to ensure the boy's medical expenses are paid by the department. 

Woman recieves personal injury to face from dog attack

The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that approximately 800,000 victims suffer from dog bites that require medical attention every year, with many occurring here in Wisconsin. Depending on the severity, a personal injury suffered from a dog attack can result in unexpected medical expenses and deformities or other serious medical problems. Recently, a woman in another state received serious injuries to her face after a dog attack.

Dog attack on family causes serious personal injury

Many victims of dog attacks not only suffer physical injuries but emotional scars as well. People may find themselves with a fear of animals for years to come. Victims may also be responsible for expensive treatment and therapy for their injuries. Fortunately for dog bite victims in Wisconsin, personal injury attorneys can explain litigation options against the animal's owner for potential compensation. Recently in a nearby state, a family's life was turned upside down after two children suffered a brutal dog attack.

3 children suffer personal injury after dog attack

Dogs can be wonderful pets, and in most instances they are friendly to humans. Sadly, some dogs attack and are aggressive toward humans. Causes of attacks may be related to their training, owner mistreatment, fear or protection of their territory. Unfortunately if animals attack humans, serious injury can result. Personal injury attorneys in Wisconsin can inform animal bite victims of their legal rights and offer appropriate legal counsel.

Personal injury compensation available for dog bite victims

People have a love and fascination with animals. At times people become so accustomed to dogs as pets that it can be forgotten that dogs still contain the animal instinct to bite when they feel attacked or threatened. Many believe that dogs have the ability to be trained to prevent bites and attacks. With this belief, it can be speculated that the result of the bite is therefore the fault of the human that trained the dog. Recently, a Wisconsin woman suffered a personal injury while going to the aide of an injured dog that was hit by a vehicle.

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