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Car accident: Many Wisconsin drivers are older than 65 and safe

A national transportation research group recently expressed concern over the number of drivers older than 65 years who are involved in crashes in Wisconsin. According to a study, there are fewer older drivers in Wisconsin compared to the rest of the country; however, the fatality rate is significantly higher than most other states. The researchers noted that this does not necessarily indicate that older drivers are bad drivers, but frailty can make the victim of a car accident more likely to suffer severe or fatal injuries.

Passenger injured in car accident might have grounds to sue

People in Wisconsin do not always pay enough attention to the risks they face when getting into other people's cars. Similarly, not all drivers realize that the safety of passengers is their responsibility and that any negligence can lead to a car accident and potential legal claims. However, passengers can take precautions to protect themselves, even though the driver has control of the vehicle.

Car accident kills 77-year-old passenger in Wisconsin

Many collisions on Wisconsin roads are caused by distracted drivers. Multiple things can cause distractions, including cell phone calls and text messages. Even a moment's distraction -- especially in snowy conditions -- can cause a driver to cross over the center line and into the path of other traffic. A cross-over car accident recently claimed the life of a passenger in Fond du Lac County.

Wisconsin car accident claims life of 55-year-old passenger

Drivers in Wisconsin may not always realize that they are responsible for the safety of their passengers. If a driver's negligence causes a car accident that kills or injures a passenger, he or she may be held liable for damages. A recent collision on Highway 38 may lead to such a civil lawsuit.

Suspected drunk driver kills 2 in fatal car accident

When people reach the age of eighty, their families usually prepare themselves for their loved ones' inevitable deaths, which may not be far off. However, accepting the deaths of elderly loved ones who died in a car accident that was caused by another party will naturally be hard to do. Such a tragedy claimed the lives of two people from another state who were involved in a collision in Wisconsin.

Car accidents on icy roads may lead to personal injury lawsuits

In Wisconsin, the number of car accidents after the first snow typically shows a significant increase. The same likely applies to the number of personal injury lawsuits that follow due to drivers' negligence or failure to adjust their driving techniques to suit the more hazardous conditions. Drivers forget that slow acceleration and deceleration is essential on icy roads to avoid skids. Pulling off in a hurry or trying to stop suddenly could have devastating consequences.

Car accident: SUV vs. combine claims 3 lives in Wisconsin

In the Southeastern Wisconsin town of Lake Mills, authorities are working on piecing together the circumstances that led to a fatal crash. According to a preliminary car accident report, the collision occurred on a recent Friday evening. The investigation is ongoing, and at this time, investigators may have more questions than answers.

Wrong-way driver causes fatal car accident -- 3 dead, 2 injured

When a crash is caused by a driver who entered the highway at an exit ramp and travels in the wrong direction, there are typically many questions to ask. However, if such action leads to a car accident in which that driver dies, those questions will likely remain unanswered. One such an accident recently caused critical injuries to two people and killed three others in Wisconsin.

Car accident involving 4 vehicles injures 9 in Wisconsin

Motorists on Highway 23 in Wisconsin might have experienced delays on a recent Sunday evening while an accident investigation was underway. According to Font du Lac police, the highway remained closed for approximately two hours. This followed a multi-car accident that occurred near Whispering Springs.

3 injured victims in the hospital after car accident in Wisconsin

Wisconsin motorists who were traveling in the area of New London on a recent Thursday evening might have experienced delays. This was caused by the closure of Highway 45 following a car accident that involved two vehicles. Police were busy with investigations at the crash scene for about four hours before the highway was reopened.

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