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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

What level of recovery can be expected after DUI accident?

Victims of crashes caused by drunk drivers may suffer the consequences for the remainder of their lives. In fact, there have been cases in which children or infants suffer life-changing traumatic brain injuries in such accidents. Questions are sometimes asked by people in Wisconsin about the level of compensation a victim of a drunk driving accident can expect to be awarded by a civil court.

Fatal DUI accident follows multiple warnings not to drive

A 38-year-old Wisconsin man is facing multiple charges after he allegedly caused a crash that caused death and injury on New Year's Day. A criminal complaint alleges that the accident followed a day of drinking at a tavern. Reportedly, the man arrived at the bar at approximately 10:30 a.m. and prepared to leave shortly before 6:30 p.m. after almost eight hours of consuming alcohol.

Drunk driving car accident par for the course in Wisconsin

Motorists in Wisconsin may put their lives on the line whenever they take to the roads. Wisconsin is reported to be the state with the highest number of drunk drivers. Chances of being involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver is high in a state where some 2,800 drivers have been charged with drunk driving seven times or more.

Alleged OWI accident claims life of Wisconsin man

Drivers operating vehicles while they are under the influence of alcohol have claimed too many lives in Wisconsin. Strangely, it is not uncommon for drivers who are intoxicated to walk away unscathed or with minor injuries while their victims in the other cars or their passengers lose their lives. In one such a fatal accident, a 38-year-old man from Hillsboro was killed.

Alleged DUI auto accident claims passenger's life

Drunk driving accidents in Wisconsin are as prevalent as in other states, often claiming the lives of innocent victims. The Wisconsin State Patrol recently reported the preliminary details of a fatal auto accident that involved a driver who was allegedly impaired by alcohol. The incident occurred in Washburn County on the afternoon of Aug. 21.

Family may pursue financial relief after fatal car accident

Losing a loved one in a crash that appears to have been caused by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol often leaves surviving family members with many unanswered questions. How to cope with the unanticipated expenses is typically one of those questions. Dealing with insurers in the aftermath of a fatal car accident can also prove to be challenging.

Medical malpractice: 5 routine tasks that can cause death

Advocates for patient safety say preventable medical errors cause over 200,000 deaths of patients every year nationwide, including in Wisconsin. Many times that number suffer but survive the consequences of medical malpractice. It has been noted that five preventable mistakes frequently lead to devastating consequences. The first is medication errors, which can include administration of the wrong drugs, incorrect doses or dangerous combinations of drugs.

Man's plea deal in criminal court upsets accident victim's family

Losing a loved one due to someone breaking the law is heartbreaking. Some families hope that the criminal justice system will help them feel a sense of justice in the aftermath of their death. Unfortunately, the punishment decided by the court system does not always give families the peace they are seeking. Recently, in a Wisconsin criminal case for a drunk driving accident that resulted in two deaths, the drunk driver was allowed to plead guilty, resulting in shortened jail sentence.

Officer kills Wisconsin woman in tragic pedestrian car accident

Many Wisconsin residents enjoy living in communities that promote a pedestrian lifestyle for many day-to-day activities. While walking is considered to be healthier than commuting in a motor vehicle, pedestrians may still be involved in a car accident as they cross roads in which vehicles travel. Not long ago, a 29-year-old woman lost her life after she was tragically hit by a motor vehicle.

Car accident may cause financial stress for victims

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Wisconsin can lead to serious consequences for a driver. He or she may face fines, license suspension, evaluations to determine if a drinking or drug problem exists and possibly the installation of an ignition interlock device in order to be able to operate a vehicle. Unfortunately, choosing to operate a vehicle while intoxicated may also lead to a car accident, often resulting in injuries or death.

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