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Personal injury news: Wisconsin city ranks high in dog attacks

The vast majority of dog owners feel that their family dogs are members of their families. Often, a dog owner will insist that his or her dog that plays lovingly with small children in the family would never attack someone. Unfortunately, a Wisconsin resident can face a serious personal injury from a dog despite its owner's belief that it would never harm anyone.

Man's death leads to medical malpractice claim

People face death every single day. Usually, they are unaware of the potential hazards they just escaped. While people know they could be at risk for harm from a car accident, they likely do not expect that a doctor or other medical care provider's actions could actually worsen the injuries suffered in an accident. Unfortunately, many in Wisconsin are aware of the potential consequences of medical malpractice. One out-of-state woman recently filed a claim against the facility that she says failed to adequately treat her husband after a motorcycle accident, resulting in his death.

Navy vet in vegetative state after alleged medical malpractice

Many people have heard of procedures that are described as routine. However, many others in Wisconsin know that a surgery or test that is considered routine can turn into anything but if proper protocols are not followed throughout the procedure. One woman has filed a medical malpractice claim stating that her husband is now in a persistent vegetative state after undergoing what should have been a routine colonoscopy and endoscopy.

Wisconsin pit bull attack could result in personal injury claim

It is common for families to have a pet. In fact, millions of households across the country have some sort of household pet. Unfortunately, even the most beloved pet can sometimes behave in a way that is shocking to its owner, leaving an injured party with medical bills. Three people in Wisconsin, who could potentially file a personal injury claim, were allegedly attacked by a pit bull recently.

Car accident on Wisconsin Interstate leaves 1 dead

It is an unfortunate reality that not all drivers are as aware of their surroundings as they should be when navigating Wisconsin roadways. This inability to remain present during the act of driving can lead to a preventable car accident, which -- depending on the severity --can result in an immeasurable loss of life. A recent Thursday morning accident was allegedly the result of a driver's failure to acclimate to the conditions of the road.

Car accident results in critical injuries and a woman's death

Traveling at any time, day or night, provides numerous obstacles for drivers to avoid. Driving during times of the day that are known to involve a heavier flow of traffic adds to those obstacles and can make it more dangerous for drivers who are unaware of their surroundings. Recently, a driver who was seemingly caught unprepared during the midday commute was said to be the cause of a multi-vehicle car accident on a Wisconsin roadway.

Police say woman attempted left turn, injures 4 in car accident

The site of a recent serious accident may have been an area that is already known for car wrecks. As a result of the car accident, four people ended up in the hospital, including the driver of the vehicle that apparently caused the wreck. Wisconsin authorities are still investigating the incident.

Truck driver could face lawsuit after Wisconsin car accident

Traffic signs and signals are intended to not only control the flow of traffic, but are also meant to protect and keep commuters safe. When a driver is attentive to signs and signals and adheres to the laws for driving in Wisconsin, the roads are safer for everyone. However, when a driver fails to acknowledge stop signs or traffic lights, he or she increases his or her chance of being involved in a car accident.

Uninsured motorist may be held responsible for fatal car accident

Motor vehicle accidents occur without warning and are capable of producing serious injuries to those involved. When an accident involves a motorcycle and a full-size vehicle, the injuries are more likely to be life threatening. Because there is no way of knowing when an accident will occur, Wisconsin drivers are required to have vehicle insurance to assist with costs associated with any damage inflicted by a car accident.

Wisconsin psychiatrist accused of medical malpractice

A Wisconsin psychiatrist is alleged to have over-prescribed medications to multiple patients in the past year, and perhaps even more in the years previous to that. Records indicate that he has already faced at least one medical malpractice case in the past. In light of the allegations he is facing, the medical board preemptively suspended the psychiatrist's license.

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