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Responding to a personal injury caused by an animal bite

There are millions of households across the country that have pets. As a result, animal bites have affected thousands of people. Even dogs, or other pets, that an owner would swear were gentle and would never cause harm have been known to attack a completely innocent person. Unfortunately, animal bites can have serious financial and physical ramifications -- including infection or disease. As a result, many people in Wisconsin have sought legal recourse in form of a personal injury claim filed in a civil court.

Who is at fault in a Wisconsin car accident?

Car accidents happen in Wisconsin daily. The severity can range from a minor fender bender to a major accident with serious injuries or worse. In a situation where a person is injured in a car accident that was caused through no fault of their own, it may be helpful to pursue a personal injury claim. In order to win such a claim, it will be necessary to prove that the other driver was at fault.

Fatal Wisconsin car accident could lead to wrongful death claim

Most people who have never experienced such a loss cannot fathom the pain of losing a child. Unfortunately, one family is struggling to cope after their son was killed in a Wisconsin car accident. It is unclear at this time if criminal charges have been filed against the driver suspected of causing the fatal accident.

Parents may seek to file a personal injury claim after dog attack

In a society where more than half the population has a family pet or two, it is not uncommon to encounter animals wandering unaccompanied along neighborhood roadways. Whether the animal escapes from their yard or are not properly contained, owners are responsible for their animals, even when they are unaware of their pet’s whereabouts. In Wisconsin, when someone is injured by an animal the owners could face a personal injury lawsuit.

Wisconsin car accident hurts 4, 1 seriously

Every time a driver accesses a Wisconsin roadway, the risk of an accident exists. Commuters rarely expect a car accident to happen, often taking for granted the danger that is assumed when traveling in a motor vehicle. While many of the accidents that do occur cause relatively minor damage, the reality is that many result in serious and even fatal injuries.

Wisconsin man facing charges for role in fatal car accident

People who cause harm or injury to others should not be surprised when they are held legally accountable for their actions. This is true even if the person thought responsible is hurt as well. A recent Wisconsin car accident that left one woman dead and another person injured illustrates this point.

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