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Live donor transplant error may lead to medical malpractice suit

A rare and shocking medical error has made headlines in Wisconsin and across the country. A brother and sister who checked into a hospital in another state for a living donor organ transplant left having both been operated on, but without a transplant being completed. The reason: instead of giving the healthy kidney to the surgeon to be placed in the recipient's body, someone on the surgical team threw the viable organ into the trash. This case has not yet led to any form of litigation, but a medical malpractice suit may be on the horizon.

Wisconsin parents cannot sue for medical malpractice of adult child

Losing a child must be one of the most difficult experiences that a person can endure. When a death may have been prevented, the pain is even more pronounced. When a young man recently died due to drug toxicity, his parents were outraged and sought to file a medical malpractice suit. However, they soon learned that in Wisconsin, parents of an adult child are unable to sue for medical malpractice. This case speaks to the complexities of malpractice law, and the need to gain full comprehension of all applicable statutes before moving forward with a malpractice claim.

Wisconsin couple wins medical malpractice suit

A Wisconsin couple has won a medical malpractice battle and has been awarded damages. The couple believes that the physician involved in the case improperly diagnosed the man with Bell 's palsy and did not inform them that a diagnostic test was available to rule out any stroke possibility.

Medical malpractice: Infants at risk with vaccine error

Each year, there are a number of discrepancies that arise within the medical establishment, including physician dishonesty, medication miscalculations and packaging errors. Infants, children, adults and the elderly are all at risk for medical malpractice issues that may result. Presently, it seems that the mix-up between the pediatric and adult forms of a vaccine for whooping cough is the cause of concern across the United States, and it is something that Wisconsin residents may want to educate themselves about.

Doctors avoid medical malpractice through dishonesty?

In Elkhorn and throughout Wisconsin, having a relationship with your doctor requires a certain amount of trust. After all, they are privy to confidential and sometimes embarrassing medical information about all of their patients. But what if your doctor was not completely honest with you or withheld important misdiagnosis information to avoid doling out a hard truth or to avoid a lawsuit? A recent study found that doctors sometimes avoid telling their patients the truth, sometimes to avoid medical malpractice suits.

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