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My husband and I hired Mr. Lisle Blackbourn to represent us in a case against the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The DNR had permanently flooded our property that was surrounded by their wetland restoration project. It seems that the DNR doesn’t always have the best reputation for being concerned about the welfare of Wisconsin residents that have been affected by their actions. Many people had told us that if you are dealing with the DNR you will never win. Well, how WRONG they were!

From the moment we met Lisle, professionalism showed. The extensive amount of preparation and gathering of evidence left no voids. All actions always received quick response from him and his team. He left no gaps for the DNR to wiggle through to disprove their guilt. Lisle won the case and we were fairly compensated for the DNR’s actions. Lisle Blackbourn also took great care to make sure that all wording in the final documents would protect us into the future.

My husband and I actually think that Mr. Lisle Blackbourn is the only lawyer that could have handled this case. The amount of intelligence that he and his team possess could not be outdone. We had been criticized in the past for using a local lawyer and not going with a big city law firm. Nonsense! WE WON, and to think it all started with Lisle Blackbourn’s ad in the “yellow pages.” We are forever grateful to him.

— Mary