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Can differential diagnoses prevent diagnostic mistakes?

Going to the doctor can be an unpleasant experience for a Wisconsin resident, especially if they are nervous about a new pain, illness or ailment. When they arrive, they may be asked to fill out several documents that record their overall health and wellness, and they may be asked to submit to basic laboratory testing to determine their baseline body functions. They may have their blood pressure tested, their weight assessed and their temperature taken all before they even have a chance to speak with their doctor.

One reason that medical professionals collect a great deal of information from their patients at appointments is so that they can develop a full understanding of their potential medical conditions. A doctor who has data about their patient can more quickly identify problematic issues and more quickly hone in on possible diagnoses. Medical professionals often use the differential diagnosis process to work through possible medical conditions that may be causing their patients' suffering.

Zoning and its impact on how properties may be used

The acquisition of a parcel of land may be a major step for any Wisconsin resident looking to build their dream home or construct the facility that will house their business. Finding the perfect place where one can foresee a pleasant or profitable future may motivate them to pursue their real estate plans with vigor. However, despite their intentions and desires for developing their parcel into exactly what they want, a person may be stopped from fulfilling their dreams by rules that control how their land can be used.

Zoning is the practice of assigning parcels of land that are near to each other with similar permissible uses. For example, a city or municipality may zone a large section of land as industrial so that factories and other large business facilities may operate close to each other. This essentially keeps these big businesses out of neighborhoods and prevents them from disrupting the everyday practices of residents.

A review of wrongful death actions in Wisconsin

The laws of Wisconsin recognize wrongful death claims when victims lose their lives due to the negligent and wrongful acts and defaults of others. Wrongful deaths can result from many types of accidents, intentional actions or omissions, and other causes. While this post will provide an overview on this important personal injury topic, readers are encouraged to seek their own counsel on personal legal matters as this post provides no guidance or advice.

A claim based on a wrongful death only arises after a victim has lost their life. In Wisconsin, certain family members who were related to the victim may file the lawsuit based on loved one's wrongful death, or the claim may be pursued by the personal representative of the victim's estate. Individual personal injury attorneys can advise their clients on how and when to begin this process.

Fatal car crash occurs near Springbrook

One young man is dead and another injured following a vehicle crash near Springbrook, WI in Washburn County. According to the Star Tribune, Andrew Ninke was driving a pickup towing a trailer, when he lost control, crossed the centerline and hit the vehicle Henry Zietlow was driving.

Motor vehicle accident victims can suffer very diverse injuries

When a Wisconsin resident is involved in a minor motor vehicle accident, they may be frustrated by the damage their car has sustained and the inconvenience they will have to endure in order to have it repaired. However, when more serious accidents occur, damages can extend far beyond body damage to vehicles. Victims of catastrophic motor vehicle collisions can suffer significant trauma to many different parts of their bodies.

One of the most serious injuries that a person may suffer in a collision is brain trauma. Brain injuries can occur when a victim hits their head on a surface in their vehicles, when they are thrown from their vehicles and hit their heads on outside objects, and when they suffer penetration injuries to their brains. Brain injuries can range from minor concussions to permanent and irreversible damage that affects a victim's capacity to live on their own and care for themselves.

Take proactive steps to avoid foreclosure

A foreclosure is a serious legal process that involves the repossession of real estate from a buyer to a lender who has financed its purchase. Many Wisconsin residents may be familiar with the concept of foreclosure in the residential housing market as it is a significant tool that lenders use to take back properties that buyers cannot pay for under the terms of their mortgages. However, foreclosure is not limited to only the residential market, as it can affect commercial properties as well.

If a business owner chooses to buy a building out of which they will operate their corporate enterprise, they will likely take on a mortgage unless they have the money to pay for the property in full. Their mortgage will dictate how much money they must pay each month and for how long the payments will continue. If the business owner stops making payments and cannot stay current on their mortgage, then they may see their business's building taken back by the bank or other lending institution that has financed its purchase.

Pedestrian seriously injured in hit-and-run accident

With the holiday season in full swing in Wisconsin and other states across the nation, it is expected that the roadways will be filled with motorists attending holiday events, gatherings and parties. Whether a driver is leaving an office party, on their way to a holiday event or just left the bar, he or she is likely driving in the dark. Traveling during the nighttime hours increases the risks of accidents, as motorists could be intoxicated and it could be more difficult to see objects or people on or near the roadway. While a motorist should always remain attentive no matter the time of day or night he or she is driving, a negligent, reckless or drunk driver could suddenly collide with a pedestrian.

This is what recently occurred in Madison. Based on preliminary reports, authorities reported that a woman was involved in a serious hit-and-run pedestrian crash. The incident took place at the intersection of East Johnson Street and Wisconsin Avenue, occurring just after 3 a.m.

What are the different types of product defects?

Residents in Wisconsin and elsewhere rely on consumer goods on a daily basis. Whether it is a motor vehicle, technology, a tool or a household item, many of these items make life easier and more efficient. While a consumer views these items as good and positive, they can create problems and detriments for some consumers. In the event that a product is defective or becomes dangerous, a consumer could suffer serious harm or even death.

What are the different types of product defects? There are three major types of product defects. The first is design defects. This occurs when there are defects in the actual design of the product. This compromises the normal use of the product. While this might mean that it breaks or doesn't work properly, it could also mean that it is dangerous and could cause serious injury.

Which type of probate proceeding is best?

While smaller estates have shortened probate options, most people must choose between two types of administrations.

Choosing the right process for your family may prevent conflicts and save expenses. To help you choose what's best, here are a few of the differences between the informal and formal proceedings.

Helping you through a medical malpractice action

We all need to go to the doctor from time to time. Whether it is routine or for a specific ailment, patients in Wisconsin and elsewhere rely on the knowledge and expertise of medical professionals to inform them of any health issue and properly treat any that may come up. Unfortunately, medical professionals are human and subject to human errors. And when errors are made in the medical field, patients could suffer tremendous harm.

Being a victim of medical malpractice can be confusing and overwhelming. You may not be able to fully process the situation, or may be too consumed by the new medical issues you are suffering to even understand what you can do to better your situation. At Godfrey, Leibsle, Blackbourn & Howarth, S.C., our skilled attorneys understand how a serious medical mistake can impact the life of an individual and their family; thus, we are dedicated to helping those in the Elkhorn area understand their situation and the rights they have.

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