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Head-on crash near Fairfield sends 2 to hospital

One of the worst mistakes that can be made after a traffic accident involving personal injury is the attempt to escape from the scene without being identified or arrested. Such attempts usually fail, and the would-be escapist only worsens his legal predicament. A head-on crash near Fairfield, Wisconsin produced a similar result when two people were observed running from the scene of the accident.

On Saturday evening, July 6, 2019, Police were called about a two-vehicle crash involving multiple injuries on County Highway A near Fairfield. As deputies were driving to the scene, a witness spotted a man and a woman running from the scene. Officers took only a few minutes to find the pair hiding behind a house.

Two semi-trucks crash and burn, killing two on I-94

Anyone who has driven on the nation's Interstate Highway System can attest to the large number of semi-trailer trucks that use the same highways. Most semi drivers are well-trained and obey traffic laws, especially speed limits. Nevertheless, semi-trucks are frequently involved in serious motor vehicle collisions that injure or kill other drivers and their passengers. An especially serious semi-trailer truck crash south of Milwaukee on I-94 recently demonstrated the extent of the threat posed by these highway goliaths.

A semi heading south on I-94 attempted to make a lane change and hit a construction barrier. The driver over-corrected and hit the median wall. The wall was shoved into the northbound lanes, where it was struck by three other cars. The truck that hit the retaining wall burst into flames that quickly engulfed the three the northbound cars. A second semi that was traveling north swerved into a ditch in an attempt to avoid the burning vehicles. This truck also burst into flames. Both semi drivers died in the accident, and two other persons suffered serious injuries. A Flight for Life helicopter was ordered by the highway patrol, but it could not take off because of adverse weather conditions.

Suffering due to medical malpractice? Here's what's next

When you go to a doctor for medical treatment or a diagnosis of your symptoms, you probably assume that you will receive quality care from a person concerned with your well-being. Most doctors and medical facilities strive to do that for their patients. Unfortunately, that is not the case everywhere, and patients end up suffering significant harm because of things like negligence, inaccurate diagnoses and more.

If you are a victim of medical treatment gone wrong, you may be unsure of what you can do next. After all, how can you adequately hold a medical professional accountable for mistakes he or she made? In cases involving different types of medical malpractice, victims have the right to speak up and seek to hold liable parties accountable for what happened to them. 

Apparent negligent driver causes fatal car crash

One-way streets were originally intended to speed up traffic and improve circulation on local streets. A recent fatal motor vehicle accident in Milwaukee was blamed by witnesses on the one-way streets in the neighborhood. One witness characterized the situation as "pretty savage out here."

According to police investigators, a sedan was headed west on Lincoln Avenue when another vehicle heading north on 33rd Street ran the stop sign at the Lincoln intersection and collided with the vehicle on Lincoln. The speed of the northbound vehicle caused the sound of the impact to be heard a significant distance from the intersection. One person in the northbound vehicle died in the collision, and three others were injured. News reports were not clear about whether the deceased person was the driver or a passenger in the northbound vehicle.

How bankruptcy can save property from foreclosure

For most people in the greater Milwaukee area, filing for bankruptcy is an admission of financial failure. This just simply isn't the case. While the circumstances which may have compelled a person to file bankruptcy are unpleasant, filing a bankruptcy petition under either Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 can have an important curative effect: saving real property from foreclosure.

Businesses typically file a bankruptcy petition under Chapter 11, which contemplates the preparation of a plan of reorganization under which the company's existing debts will be repaid over a period of either five years or seven years. Chapter 13 is used by individuals to achieve essentially the same outcome. In both cases, the filing of the bankruptcy petition invokes what is called the "automatic stay." The automatic stay is an order that is issued by the bankruptcy court immediately upon the filing of the petition. The stay requires all creditors of the debtor to immediately cease collection activity, including foreclosure proceedings.

Motorcycle accident kills one, injures two

Motorcycle accidents involving one motorcycle and a passenger vehicle often leave motorcyclists with serious injuries. When two motorcycles collide, the result can be just as calamitous. When two motorcycles and an automobile collide in the same accident, not only can serious injury or death can be the result, but ascertaining fault can also be problematic. This is demonstrated by a recent two-motorcycle-automobile collision in Outagamie County not far from Hortonville.

According to a preliminary investigation, a Harley Davidson motorcycle operated by a 24-year old man from Manawa collided with a Harley Davidson motorcycle driven by a 31-year old man, also from Manawa. The two bikes appeared to be negotiating a curve in the road when they collided with each other. Both motorcycles wound up in the southbound lane on Highway 15, where they were struck by a Chevrolet Cruze. The driver of the Cruze was a 27-year old woman, and a second woman was a passenger in the Cruze.

Safety on the water: accidents can happen on Wisconsin's lakes

The official start of the Wisconsin fishing season is only a matter of weeks away. As individuals secure their licenses and prepare their gear for opening day, they should also make sure that their boats are ready to carry them out into the water. Having a safe and secure vessel is an important component of ensuring a fun experience on Lake Geneva or any of Wisconsin's many beautiful lakes.

However, as boat traffic picks up on local lakes and waterways, the threat of accidents also goes up. Boating accidents can be serious personal injury events when individuals are dealt physical harm in a collision or are thrown into the water when their vessels suffer impacts. In the wake of a boat accident a victim may not know where to turn to protect their rights and recover their losses.

Is distracted boating even a thing? Yes, and it's dangerous

Distracted driving causes numerous accidents every year that result in injuries and fatalities. For this reason, you know not to text, watch a movie or take your eyes off the road when behind the wheel of your vehicle.

What about when you get onto your boat? Do you apply the same care when driving your boat as you do when driving your car? Many see boating here in Wisconsin and elsewhere as a recreational activity, so you may not put the same emphasis on "driving safely" as you do on the road.

Deadly accident claims three members of Wisconsin family

Families stick together through good times and bad. Though some individuals become distant with their relations, many Wisconsin residents enjoy the time that they get to spend with their loved ones. When trying times occur, many families rally together to support each other until their situation improves. However, a car accident can quickly stripped that away, leaving families reeling from their newfound reality.

Recently, for example, a Wisconsin family suffered an incredible loss when four of its members were involved in a devastating motor vehicle accident. The accident occurred in Bristol and involved the victims' vehicle and a second automobile. The four family members were traveling home after a church event in New Munster when they were struck by the second vehicle. The second vehicle was allegedly moving erratically and in excess of the speed limit. After the collision occurred the victims' vehicle rolled and landed on its roof in a swampy location.

Capital gains and losses after the sale of real property

Not every Elkhorn resident will decide that they want to own real property. Buying a home or a commercial space can take time as a buyer decides just what they want in their new property. They may plan a budget to determine what they can afford and research locations that may serve their personal or professional needs.

Once a buyer has located a property for purchase, they must agree with the seller on a price for the parcel. The sale price of the property is an important figure for the buyer because depending on how much money they are able to put down they will have to finance the remainder of that initial price. Financing the purchase of property through a mortgage can take time as a buyer works out repayment terms that they can afford.

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