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Increased supervision of residents doesn't reduce medical errors

A person is not born a doctor. It takes time, dedication and much education to become a doctor. Even after obtaining the proper degrees, one must go through training and testing in order to practice. All in all, it takes a better part of a decade to become a doctor. Even after all this time, education and specialized training, doctors still make mistakes. Such an incident can be extremely shocking for Wisconsin resident, causing them to have many questions about what just happened and what they can do.

According to a recent study, it was found that increasing direct supervision of physician residents doe not reduce the chances of medical errors occurring. It also found that it caused residents to be less autonomous. Because medical errors are a major issue and the reason why patients are harmed or even lose their lives, researchers wanted to determine ways to reduce this rate seen among residents.

The most common causes of rural car accidents

Having space to roam might be the greatest benefit of living away from the city. With extra land comes extra freedom to do and live as you see fit. It also comes with dangers different from what you might find in the metropolitan sector. Auto accidents in particular tend to be a breed all their own.

That was the scene recently when two cars met in a head-on collision near La Grange. An elderly couple from Elkhorn, Dennis and Joy Hinze, did not survive the crash. Matthew Kilroy and his 15-year-old passenger survived the crash and were airlifted to a trauma center. Few details have been released about the accident, but it’s hard not to consider the dangers we see every day while driving in rural areas.

Helping you initiate a personal injury action after a car crash

Society's reliance on motor vehicles can be seen all around us. In Wisconsin and other states across the nation, the roads are filled with various types of vehicles. Motorists and occupants are travel to various destinations for a wide variety of reasons; however, one thing will always remain. Drivers are required to follow the rules of the road and drive safely. Failure to comply with this or uphold this duty could easily be the cause of a serious or fatal automobile accident.

Although the dangers and risks on the roadways are apparent, motorists do not often think about the possibility of being involved in a motor vehicle crash. Unfortunately, negligent, distracted, drowsy and intoxicated drivers get behind the wheel. This places many lives in danger.

Care facility sued for resident's death

Personal care homes are designed and legally-required to assure the safety of their residents. Failing to comply with this standard of care, however, can have fatal consequences for its vulnerable clientele. In one tragic case, a personal injury lawsuit was filed against Sun Prairie, Wisconsin memory care facility for the death of an 84-year-old patient from hypothermia last Dec.

According to the lawsuit, the resident walked out of her room late at night. The resident froze to death on one of last year's coldest nights.

How is it possible to determine driver distraction after a crash?

We see distracted drivers on the road all the time, even though distracted driving is extremely dangerous. We see them looking down at a phone, turning and reaching in the backseat, or steering with their legs while they hold food or grooming supplies in their hands. 

Even though distraction is so prevalent, it can still be a challenge to prove that a driver was distracted in the aftermath of a serious accident. Often, these crashes happen in the blink of an eye; many victims never see the accident coming, so it can be difficult to prove that a driver was not paying attention. That said, it is not impossible.

Development implications of shoreland zoning

Wisconsin is rich with lakes and natural beauty, and the state aims to continue an optimal balance of development and preservation.

Here are some of the basic shoreland zoning requirements in Wisconsin to keep in mind whether you’re planning to develop a piece of waterfront property or remodel already existing structures.

Car accident: Many Wisconsin drivers are older than 65 and safe

A national transportation research group recently expressed concern over the number of drivers older than 65 years who are involved in crashes in Wisconsin. According to a study, there are fewer older drivers in Wisconsin compared to the rest of the country; however, the fatality rate is significantly higher than most other states. The researchers noted that this does not necessarily indicate that older drivers are bad drivers, but frailty can make the victim of a car accident more likely to suffer severe or fatal injuries.

Many people between 65 and 70 years old remain active in their communities, and they should not be discouraged to stay mobile. The safety director for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation says most older drivers comply with seat belt rules, and they avoid speeding and drunk driving. However, he underscores the importance of recognizing the signs of deteriorating eyesight, reaction times, muscle dexterity and compromised health. Medication can also affect a driver's alertness behind the wheel.

Passenger injured in car accident might have grounds to sue

People in Wisconsin do not always pay enough attention to the risks they face when getting into other people's cars. Similarly, not all drivers realize that the safety of passengers is their responsibility and that any negligence can lead to a car accident and potential legal claims. However, passengers can take precautions to protect themselves, even though the driver has control of the vehicle.

Typical causes of car accidents include distracted and impaired driving, along with speeding and violating traffic laws. Tailgating and weaving between traffic lanes are dangerous driving habits, and the failure to adjust driving techniques in snow or rain can cause a crash in the blink of an eye. Drowsy drivers cause many accidents, and also inattentive drivers that fail to keep a lookout for road construction zones, debris on the roadway and animals or pedestrians walking on or across the road.

Medical malpractice suit claims surgery caused partial paralysis

Learning that one needs surgery is enough to cause anxiety for anyone. The reason for this trepidation might be the frequency of reports that appear in the media about medical malpractice in Wisconsin and elsewhere. One such a claim was recently filed in a civil court in another state. It followed a surgery that brought about adverse health consequences that affected the lives of the patient and his wife.

The lawsuit was filed by the couple against a medical facility in another state at which the man underwent surgery in May 2016. According to court documents, the plaintiffs allege that negligent practices left the man with nerve damage that was caused by spinal cord infarction. This is a stroke that can be caused by the closing of major arteries that supply blood to the spinal cord.

Medical malpractice: $11.35M awarded for birth injuries

The birth of a child to any Wisconsin family should be one of life's highlights, and when something goes wrong during the birth, it can be life-changing for the entire family. Sadly, birth injuries sometimes only become evident later when a child shows developmental and social problems. A jury in another state recently ruled in favor of a teenager who suffered brain injuries at birth. His parents filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who handled the boy's birth.

Court documents indicate that the plaintiffs accuse the doctor of negligence in not providing care of an acceptable standard. They contended that this was the mother's first child, there were indications of a large baby, and it was determined that the child's head was not in the proper position for normal birth. For these reasons, they argued the doctor should have ordered a Caesarian section rather than using instruments during the birthing process. The child apparently had multiple bruises and contusions after the birth.

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