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What types of mistakes constitute surgical errors?

A person may elect to have a surgical procedure if there are no other ways for them to remedy their health issues. In Wisconsin, residents have access to many excellent hospitals and surgical centers, but even in well-run facilities tragic and costly mistakes can and do occur. This post will discuss some of the common types of surgical errors that can cause medical malpractice victims to suffer injuries and losses.

One type of surgical error that plagues too many operating rooms is wrong-site surgery. A wrong-site surgery is one that happens on the wrong part of a person's body. For example, if a person was supposed to have their right knee replaced by the surgeon performed a knee replacement on their left leg then that patient would be a victim of a wrong-site surgery.

Pedestrian seriously injured in hit-and-run accident

With the holiday season in full swing in Wisconsin and other states across the nation, it is expected that the roadways will be filled with motorists attending holiday events, gatherings and parties. Whether a driver is leaving an office party, on their way to a holiday event or just left the bar, he or she is likely driving in the dark. Traveling during the nighttime hours increases the risks of accidents, as motorists could be intoxicated and it could be more difficult to see objects or people on or near the roadway. While a motorist should always remain attentive no matter the time of day or night he or she is driving, a negligent, reckless or drunk driver could suddenly collide with a pedestrian.

This is what recently occurred in Madison. Based on preliminary reports, authorities reported that a woman was involved in a serious hit-and-run pedestrian crash. The incident took place at the intersection of East Johnson Street and Wisconsin Avenue, occurring just after 3 a.m.

What are the different types of product defects?

Residents in Wisconsin and elsewhere rely on consumer goods on a daily basis. Whether it is a motor vehicle, technology, a tool or a household item, many of these items make life easier and for efficient. While a consumer views these items as good and positive, they can create problems and detriments for some consumers. In the events that a product is defective or becomes dangerous, a consumer could suffer serious harm or even death.

What are the different types of product defects? There are three major types of product defects. The first is design defects. This occurs when there are defects in the actual design of the product. This compromises the normal use of the product. While this might mean that it breaks or doesn't work properly, it could also mean that it is dangerous and could cause serious injury.

Which type of probate proceeding is best?

While smaller estates have shortened probate options, most people must choose between two types of administrations.

Choosing the right process for your family may prevent conflicts and save expenses. To help you choose what's best, here are a few of the differences between the informal and formal proceedings.

Helping you through a medical malpractice action

We all need to go to the doctor from time to time. Whether it is routine or for a specific ailment, patients in Wisconsin and elsewhere rely on the knowledge and expertise of medical professionals to inform them of any health issue and properly treat any that may come up. Unfortunately, medical professionals are human and subject to human errors. And when errors are made in the medical field, patients could suffer tremendous harms.

Being a victim of medical malpractice can be confusing and overwhelming. One may not be able to fully process the situation, or they may be too consumed by the new medical issues they are suffering to even understand what they can do to better their situation. At Godfrey, Leibsle, Blackbourn & Howarth, S.C., our skilled attorneys understand how serious a medical mistake can impact the life of an individual and their family; thus, we are dedicated to helping those in the Elkhorn area understand their situation and the rights they have.

What constitutes a dangerous product?

Individuals in Wisconsin and elsewhere rely on a wide range of consumer goods to get through their day. Whether they realize it or not, one can use a multitude of products without even considering the possibility that a product could be defective. The reality is that even a minor manufacturing error could cause a consumer to suffer serious or fatal harms.

What constitutes a dangerous product? A dangerous product is one that is considered to be defective based on errors that occurred during the design or manufacturing of the product or when the warnings for the product were attached to a specific product. When a consumer is harmed by a dangerous or defective product, the real question at hand is who is responsible for the injuries and damages suffered?

Two high school students injured in pedestrian crash

The morning and afternoon commutes to and from work or school can be stressful at times. Many motorists feel rushed to get there on time and are hastily trying to get home at the end of the day. No matter the situation, safety and attention should not take the back seat. Motorists are required to always follow the rules of the road and drive safely. Unfortunately, this does not always occur, resulting in crashes involving other vehicles, cyclists and even pedestrians.

With school being in session for over a month, one would think that students have gotten into the grove of things. Unfortunately, students driving to and from school are still fairly new drivers and are more prone to accidents. The state of Wisconsin saw two students seriously injured in a car accident right outside of their school, and this is followed by yet another accident injuring two students walking outside of their high school.

Helping you prove liability in a car accident

Motor vehicles are very resourceful. In fact, most residents in Wisconsin utilize a personal vehicle to get around and travel to and from work. And depending on the time or day and type of road traveled on, motorists can expect to share the road with a wide variety of vehicles large and small. All motorists are tasked to drive safe and remain attentive. Unfortunately, this does not always occur.

Distracted driving is an ongoing and growing concern. Drivers are often pressured to do too many things. Whether it is using navigation systems, talking on the phone conversing with passengers, texting a message, checking an e-mail or changing the radio, a driver often finds themselves taking their eyes off the road, hands off of the wheel and their mind off the task of driving.

The top 3 ways to simplify the estate planning process

The topic of estate planning doesn’t always evoke feelings of fun and excitement. However, it is something that if addressed, can offer families tremendous peace of mind. What holds most people back from embarking on the estate planning process is the complicated nature of it all.

It is true that planning for the future and securing your assets before death may feel overwhelming. But there is a way you can simplify this reality. All it takes is absorbing quality information and taking the recommended action-steps.

What are common types of medical malpractice claims?

When we go to the doctor, the idea is that we will be properly diagnosed and treated. Unfortunately doctors can make mistakes. While these errors should be kept to a minimum, the reality is that medical mistakes can happen. In some cases, these errors can be extremely minor, not impacting the patient's health significantly or not at all. Thus, when medical errors do occur, it is important to explore the matter, understanding what happened and whether or not legal recourses are available.

What are common types of medical malpractice claims? One of the most common types of medical negligence action is misdiagnosis. Such a situation is likely to result in the mistreatment of a patient, making it a serious negligence matter. Failing to diagnose a patient means that they are not receiving the medicine they need, are getting worse and could be developing new medical ailments.

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