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Was The Auto Accident That Injured You Caused By Distracted Driving Or Road Rage?

Part of the process of recovering compensation after a car accident is to determine how an accident happened and where applicable, whose negligence caused the crash. A detailed investigation is essential, especially when much is at stake.

When there are serious or catastrophic injuries, an injured person will invariably face great financial losses. It is important to follow every lead that could bring more compensation for the injured person(s). No stone should be left unturned.

Accident reconstruction may identify distracted driving or road rage as a factor. For example, a negligent driver in another car may have been engaged in any of the following at the time of the impact:

  • Sending or opening a text message
  • Punching in numbers on a cellphone to make a call
  • Pushing buttons to answer a call on a cellphone
  • Entering information into a GPS device or a maps application on a cellphone
  • Changing radio stations
  • Fiddling with an in-vehicle video player for passengers in the back seat
  • Using a tablet computer
  • Conversing with passengers
  • Turning eyes away from the road to read a billboard, a roadside attraction or an obstacle
  • Lighting a cigarette or opening a drink container
  • Making threats against another driver
  • Weaving recklessly in and out of lanes of traffic as a result of distraction or emotional responses to other drivers’ activities

It can take time to gather evidence of distracted driving or road rage. Once confirmed and documented, this information can help your personal injury attorney build a case for maximum compensation for your injuries. An experienced, effective personal injury law firm can simultaneously help ensure you get access to quality medical care and pursue every lead that may lead to the highest achievable recovery of compensation.

When you entrust your case to Godfrey, Leibsle, Blackbourn & Howarth, S.C., of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, you can count on diligence, persistence, clear communication and careful analysis. Our lawyers are here to help you recover all compensation you are eligible for.

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Did Texting While Driving Or Road Rage Cause The Crash? We Can Help You Find Out.

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