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January 2013 Archives

Hulk Hogan sues for medical malpractice, once again

Wisconsin wrestling fans may have heard the news of a recent lawsuit filed by industry giant Hulk Hogan. The medical malpractice suit stems from a series of surgeries the star experienced in attempts to lessen the severe back pain brought on by his long-ranging career as a professional wrestler. The high level of publicity surrounding the suit could help others better understand their legal rights when it comes to unnecessary surgical procedures.

Wisconsin snowmobile accident leads to arrest, charges

When an individual assumes control of a recreational vehicle, he or she takes on the same level of responsibility as the driver of a traditional car or truck. These responsibilities involve ensuring the safety of others in the area. In addition, operators of recreational vehicles must also ensure that they are alert and aware while in control of the vehicle. The recent arrest of a Wisconsin snowmobile driver following a serious accident demonstrates the manner in which law enforcement approaches the proper use and operation of these types of vehicles.

Wrongful death lawsuit possible in fatal boating accident

A boating accident that took place in July 2012 has made its way into a Wisconsin criminal court. The operator of the boat, a 22-year-old male, was charged with homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle for his responsibility in the fatal accident. The crash led to the death of his passenger, a 23-year-old man.

Wisconsin teenager sentenced in fatal car accident

Wisconsin readers will likely remember a tragic car accident that occurred in March 2012 and ended the lives of two teenagers. The fatal car accident touched the hearts of many within the Manitowoc community, and led to criminal charges against the teenage driver. The criminal case recently ended, and the young man responsible for this terrible loss of life has been sentenced in the matter. For the families of those killed in the crash, the outcome may serve as an important step on their journey toward closure and healing.

Car accident leads to multiple civil lawsuits against driver

Wisconsin residents likely remember the horrific details of a fatal pile-up on Highway 151 just north of Fond du Lac. The car accident took place in May 2012, and led to the death of two men and injuries to eight others. The incident made headlines across the state, and touched the hearts of many within the area.

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