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June 2019 Archives

Suffering due to medical malpractice? Here's what's next

When you go to a doctor for medical treatment or a diagnosis of your symptoms, you probably assume that you will receive quality care from a person concerned with your well-being. Most doctors and medical facilities strive to do that for their patients. Unfortunately, that is not the case everywhere, and patients end up suffering significant harm because of things like negligence, inaccurate diagnoses and more.

Apparent negligent driver causes fatal car crash

One-way streets were originally intended to speed up traffic and improve circulation on local streets. A recent fatal motor vehicle accident in Milwaukee was blamed by witnesses on the one-way streets in the neighborhood. One witness characterized the situation as "pretty savage out here."

How bankruptcy can save property from foreclosure

For most people in the greater Milwaukee area, filing for bankruptcy is an admission of financial failure. This just simply isn't the case. While the circumstances which may have compelled a person to file bankruptcy are unpleasant, filing a bankruptcy petition under either Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 can have an important curative effect: saving real property from foreclosure.

Motorcycle accident kills one, injures two

Motorcycle accidents involving one motorcycle and a passenger vehicle often leave motorcyclists with serious injuries. When two motorcycles collide, the result can be just as calamitous. When two motorcycles and an automobile collide in the same accident, not only can serious injury or death can be the result, but ascertaining fault can also be problematic. This is demonstrated by a recent two-motorcycle-automobile collision in Outagamie County not far from Hortonville.

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