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July 2012 Archives

Charges still possible in fatal Wisconsin boat accident

When we think of drunk driving, it is usually in the context of automobile traffic on the American road system. In fact, the vast majority of drunk driving accidents take place there, and involve trucks, cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. However, there are also a number of alcohol-related accidents In Wisconsin and across the nation every year that fall under the category of 'boating while intoxicated.' These incidents may differ from automobile crashes in the type of vehicle involved, but operators who pilot their watercraft after drinking are just as dangerous as drunk drivers who get behind the wheel and cause an accident.

Fatal Muskego accident may have been caused by driver fatigue

Recently a Muskego, Wisconsin resident was riding his bike when he was struck by a car. Witness statements suggest that the rider was heading eastbound on a city road when a Toyota Scion that had been traveling westbound crossed over into the eastbound lane and struck the man. The vehicle continued on to crash into a utility pole, leaving it leaning to the side as a result of the car accident.

Police pursuit of stolen car leads to serious car accident

As Americans, we have become so accustomed to traveling by automobile that it is easy to forget the dangers inherent in road travel. Even when a driver operates his or her car in a safe and responsible manner, our own individual actions comprise only a small part of the overall risk of a car accident. A Wisconsin woman was recently reminded of just how little control we have over our safety while on the road.

95-year-old woman dies in Wisconsin car accident

Recently a two-car accident occurred in Shawano, Wisconsin, killing an elderly woman. Preliminary investigation suggests that a vehicle traveling southbound failed to yield to oncoming traffic, and was struck by another vehicle that was headed west. The intersection is notorious within the Shawano community due to two separate house fires that ended in two deaths over the years, as well as what residents perceive as an unsafe traffic flow that may have contributed to this most recent car accident.

Wisconsin boaters warned about drunk driving dangers

Most Wisconsin drivers understand the hazards in play when drinking and driving, and make responsible choices when it comes to getting from one place to another after having a few drinks. Many of these same citizens, however, do not apply the same rigorous standards when drinking while boating.

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