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July 2017 Archives

Medical malpractice: 5 routine tasks that can cause death

Advocates for patient safety say preventable medical errors cause over 200,000 deaths of patients every year nationwide, including in Wisconsin. Many times that number suffer but survive the consequences of medical malpractice. It has been noted that five preventable mistakes frequently lead to devastating consequences. The first is medication errors, which can include administration of the wrong drugs, incorrect doses or dangerous combinations of drugs.

Personal injury: Hit-and-run fractures hip of security guard

An employee of a JC Penney store in Wisconsin is reportedly facing criminal charges after she admitted to running down one of the company's security guards. According to Wauwatosa police, the incident occurred late in the evening on Sunday, July 2 in the parking lot of the store. After an emergency call, police rushed to the scene to find a man who had suffered personal injury in a hit-and-run accident.

Study shows many medical malpractice claims follow misdiagnosis

According to a recently published study online, patients in Wisconsin and other states could be at an increased risk of suffering severe cardiovascular incidents because general practitioners often miss the initial symptoms and signs of heart disease. The research was conducted by an analysis and research organization along with a medical malpractice insurance company in another state. The subject matter included over 250 cases that were based on the alleged failure of medical practitioners to diagnose cardiovascular disease in outpatient settings.

Teenager wrongly suffers personal injury from police dog

Specially trained dogs are used by law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin and across the country. Their sense of smell and hearing capabilities are more sensitive than humans, making them an asset in many investigations. Although they are trained to follow commands, their natural animal instincts are still present, and they may occasionally react unpredictably. Recently, a teenage boy was bitten by a police dog that was originally in pursuit of a running suspect. His family has enlisted the aid of a personal injury attorney to ensure the boy's medical expenses are paid by the department. 

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