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April 2014 Archives

Wisconsin car accident hurts 4, 1 seriously

Every time a driver accesses a Wisconsin roadway, the risk of an accident exists. Commuters rarely expect a car accident to happen, often taking for granted the danger that is assumed when traveling in a motor vehicle. While many of the accidents that do occur cause relatively minor damage, the reality is that many result in serious and even fatal injuries.

Wisconsin woman sentenced for car accident that killed bicyclist

Readers of this blog may remember an article about a woman who was allegedly driving drunk when she struck and killed a man who was on an early-morning bicycle ride. ("Wisconsin woman pleads guilty to killing biker in car accident," Jan. 28). The woman was sentenced recently in a Wisconsin criminal court. The judge in the case said that what happened shouldn't be considered a car accident. Instead, she said, it was a foreseeable conclusion to choices that were made and constituted a homicide.

Car accident and drunk driving are focus of Wisconsin task force

Drinking and driving is a nationwide problem. Just about every adult encountered has had some experience with drinking and driving -- they either know someone who has lost a loved one to it in a car accident, have been arrested for it, or simply have not been caught yet. Law enforcement officers across the state of Wisconsin have joined together to do their part in protecting citizens from the dangers of drinking and driving.

Car accident prompts Wisconsin advocates to push for tougher laws

A crash caused recently by an intoxicated driver is one of many being cited as an additional reason for strengthening the laws in Wisconsin against driving under the influence. The most recent car accident resulted in three children suffering injuries that were serious enough to require a trip the emergency room. Local advocates say enough is enough.

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