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March 2014 Archives

Man receives 5-year prison sentence for killing 2 in accident

After getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, the driver is expected to be in the right mind to pay attention to the road and the surrounding area. Traffic laws must be obeyed. Understandably, drunk driving can lead to a car accident that results in serious injury or fatality. In 2012, couple was killed after a young man got behind the wheel of his vehicle after drinking. The Wisconsin man is now paying for his crime.

Wisconsin car accident leaves man dead in Merton

Now that spring is finally beginning to make an appearance, it will not be unusual for motorists to see increased numbers of deer along the roadways. Although Bambi may be an iconic cartoon, the reality of many encounters between deer and driver are not at all entertaining. Accidents between a deer and a car are notoriously dangerous. It is not uncommon for them to cause serious damage to the vehicle and motorists that were involved. Although it occurred after the dear had died, a recent Wisconsin car accident was no exception.

Wisconsin woman sentenced for role in fatal car accident

A Wisconsin woman whose actions resulted in the death of another woman was sentenced recently to one year of incarceration. She will also spend an additional four years on probation, during which time she'll be required to perform court-ordered community service. The woman has already served more than 200 days in jail as she waited for resolution of the criminal charges stemming from the car accident she caused.

Medical malpractice? New bill lets Wisconsin doctors apologize

Physicians can have a difficult job, whether they practice in Wisconsin or elsewhere. Their patients rightly assume they will diagnose, treat and cure a wide range of illness and injury without making any mistakes or errors in judgment. Unfortunately, this may not be a realistic expectation. Mistakes sometimes occur, and medical malpractice is not an unheard of occurrence.

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