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Dangers to watch out for as the weather improves

As the weather warms and the sun comes out more, the mood in the air lightens. People, including drivers, can start to get in summer mode. As enjoyable as the change in seasons can be, it can also bring some particular dangers for road users.

Here are some to consider:

People go out partying more

People tend to go out more when the weather warms and the sun shines. Many consume alcohol, whether at a friend’s barbeque or sitting outside a local bar. That can become a problem if they then get in their car and drive.

Public holidays such as Memorial Day and Labor Day also see a general increase in alcohol consumption among the population.

Too much sun and heat

While Wisconsin is far from the hottest place in the country it can still have some hot days where someone who is out all day can end up dehydrated, tired or dizzy from the sun. That can affect their driving.

Teens drive more

Most of the year students are sitting at their desks and not driving all that much. Once summer vacations hit, many who have newly qualified will be free to use their cars a lot more. Nine of the ten deadliest days for teens on the road lie between May and August and that can affect older drivers too, as teens may crash into someone else.

If you have a car crash this spring or summer it could affect you for years to come. Learning how to get compensation can ease the problems this creates for you.

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