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July 2014 Archives

Wisconsin car accident leaves teen with fatal injuries

Stopping at a stop sign may seem like a simple task for drivers to follow. Unfortunately, failure to stop at an intersection with a posted stop sign is often determined to be the cause of preventable collisions. A car accident that occurs due to this factor can have results that vary from minor to devastating. In a devastating situation, an individual may end up suffering fatal injuries.

Police say woman ran red light, caused fatal car accident

Two people are dead after what one local photojournalist called the most awful wreck he’d ever witnessed. A speeding driver appears to be what initially caused the fatal car accident. Wisconsin authorities have also reported that the initial collision led to a chain reaction of accidents.

Jury sides with Wisconsin woman in medical malpractice suit

A Wisconsin woman was recently awarded a $25.3 million jury verdict for medical malpractice. The victim had her arms and legs amputated after medical providers failed to diagnose her properly. A patient who has been injured from the poor choices of their physician has the right to pursue a medical malpractice claim for financial damages.

Car accident results in critical injuries and a woman's death

Traveling at any time, day or night, provides numerous obstacles for drivers to avoid. Driving during times of the day that are known to involve a heavier flow of traffic adds to those obstacles and can make it more dangerous for drivers who are unaware of their surroundings. Recently, a driver who was seemingly caught unprepared during the midday commute was said to be the cause of a multi-vehicle car accident on a Wisconsin roadway.

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