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August 2012 Archives

Arrest made in fatal Wisconsin hit-and-run car accident

Wisconsin authorities have made an arrest in a fatal hit-and-run case after only two days of investigation. The car accident took place in Superior on a recent Friday. Police were called to the scene of a hit-and-run accident in which a pedestrian was struck. Witnesses stated that a driver heading westbound on Broadway hit a pedestrian at the intersection of Broadway and Hughitt, and subsequently continued driving west until making a turn onto Banks Avenue.

Distracted driving car accident kills 3 Wisconsin teens

Driving has become such an integrated part of American life that we often forget how dangerous road travel can be. Driving requires a great deal of attention, and it can be a challenge to manage distractions while on the road. Factor in the inexperience of teenage drivers, and perhaps a sense of immortality and the result can be tragic. A recent car accident has captured headlines in Wisconsin and across the nation, and highlights the importance of remaining alert and attentive at all times while behind the wheel.

Existing laws may not be applicable to every type of car accident

When a car crash is caused by an intoxicated driver, victims and their families expect the courts to hand down severe punishment to the responsible party. However, a recent case heard by a Wisconsin appeals court demonstrates that existing drunk driving laws are not always sufficient to cover every case of operating while intoxicated (OWI). When the criminal courts fall short, car accident victims and their families can turn to the civil courts to seek justice.

Wisconsin shopping trip interrupted by dog bite injury

When out shopping with friends, a Wisconsin woman faced an unusual attack. In late July, just after noon, the group of women was out on a shopping trip to a local Macy's department store. As they walked together across a parking lot, a dog jumped out of a parked car and approached them. The animal became aggressive, and circled the women before biting one of them in the arm, causing an injury.

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