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February 2013 Archives

Car accident victims: Spinal cord injury breakthrough

Wisconsin residents who are living with the aftereffects of a serious spinal cord injury may be interested in news of a significant breakthrough in medical technology. A recently published article discusses an experimental treatment that has allowed one man to control a robotic arm by simply thinking about making the movements. This breakthrough could have life-changing effects for those who have been paralyzed in a car accident or other traumatic injury.

Wisconsin drunk driving car accident kills 2, injures 1

When an individual is involved in a serious car accident, their life, and the lives of those closest to them can change in an instant. Everything 'normal' comes to a halt as loved ones scramble to find out the extent of the injuries sustained in the car accident and wait for news of the prognosis for recovery. Even once a Wisconsin resident begins the recovery process, it can be a long time before 'normal' comes back into play.

Wisconsin driver fails to notice other vehicle, causes accident

When an individual is injured in a serious car crash, it can seem as though his or her life is forever changed and will never return to a state of normalcy. Injuries sustained in a car accident can take months or even years to fully recover from, and in some cases, chronic pain and other medical conditions can linger for a lifetime. In addition, victims often lose significant income due to time lost from work, and can even become temporarily or permanently disabled.

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