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December 2013 Archives

Likelihood of fatal car accident in Wisconsin reduced in 2013

The end of the year traditionally brings with it a look at what occurred over the prior 12 months. It is fairly common for the final days of December to bring with them long lists of trends and statistics for Wisconsin residents. Totaling up every car accident and fatality that happened can help give a more clear picture of what occurred throughout the year.

Wisconsin man faces charges after fatal car accident

Talking on their cell phones while driving can be a distraction for many people. Sometimes, the driver is lucky and nothing adverse happens. Other times, like in a recent fatal car accident in Wisconsin, the results can be deadly.

Wisconsin woman sentenced for role in car accident

Driving while drunk is never a good idea. The impaired judgment and lessened motor skills that may accompany intoxication can turn a simple ride home into a serious car accident without warning. A young Wisconsin woman recently learned this lesson firsthand when she and three others were injured in an early morning car accident.

Man charged in fatal Wisconsin car accident challenges testing

A Wisconsin man who was arrested on multiple charges of drunk driving and vehicular homicide is trying to get the results from his alcohol testing thrown out. The man, who was previously a bishop in the Lutheran church, allegedly drove while drunk and hit a woman who was out for a run. She did not survive the fatal car accident.

Plea deal expected in Wisconsin drunk driving accident

There are a lot of things that could lead up to an auto accident when driving, including distracted drivers and speeding. Drunk drivers also place great risk not only to the passengers in their vehicle, but to the general public. An accident that occurred in Wisconsin involving an alleged drunk driver luckily didn't involve any other vehicles, but left the three passengers in the car with serious injuries.

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