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January 2014 Archives

Wisconsin woman pleads guilty to killing biker in car accident

A Wisconsin man out for an early morning bicycle ride recently was killed by a woman who was driving drunk. The fatal car accident happened just after 5 a.m. The bicyclist was riding north when the woman's vehicle ran into him head-on. According to his GPS tracker, he had been riding for about 15 minutes.

Wisconsin man facing charges for role in fatal car accident

People who cause harm or injury to others should not be surprised when they are held legally accountable for their actions. This is true even if the person thought responsible is hurt as well. A recent Wisconsin car accident that left one woman dead and another person injured illustrates this point.

Fatal car accident in Wisconsin prompts felony charges

A Wisconsin man who allegedly drove his car into a group of men who had been deer hunting is now facing multiple felony charges. The man is charged with driving drunk and killing one of the men in the group. Another man was injured in the fatal car accident.

Distracted driving accident likely for typical Wisconsin teen

Good drivers with years of experience traveling Wisconsin roadways know that -- to prevent an accident -- they must pay attention to what they're doing and the surroundings within which they find themselves. Being aware is the first step in being safe. Teen drivers, however, sometimes forget that basic tenant, which could make them likely candidates for a distracted driving accident.

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