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December 2019 Archives

Parking lot risks rise during the holidays

According to insurers, the number of personal injury insurance claims involving ts peak on the Black Friday shopping day and continue at an above-average rate through the December holiday season. Distracted driving is a major culprit of accidents and injuries. 66% of motorists across the country admitted that they make phone calls while driving in parking lots, according to a National Safety Council public opinion poll.

What does the EPA expect from an environmental risk assessment?

Part of the due diligence involved in a real estate purchase involves assessing whether any environmental hazards are associated with the property and whether they pose a risk to the ecological systems or humans in the area. Gathering this information requires obtaining an environmental risk assessment.

National foreclosure rates fall, but Wisconsin's rises

Mortgage delinquency is one indicator of economic and development trends. Between August of 2018 and August of 2019, there was a 0.2% drop in overall delinquency rates of all US mortgages, which includes those at least 30 days past due or in foreclosure. But, Wisconsin businesses and developers may deal with additional financial and real estate law issues because there was a small increase in the delinquency rate in this state.

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