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January 2018 Archives

Medical malpractice claim follows absence of informed consent

Doctors nationwide, including in Wisconsin, may not perform surgical procedures without informed consent by the patient. This is the right of a patient to be informed about the details of his or her condition, the planned treatment procedures and the associated risks. It must be presented in a language that is understandable and will allow the patient to make an informed decision about his or her treatment and health care. Failure to obtain such consent may constitute medical malpractice.

How do 'Beware of Dog' signs affect personal injury lawsuits?

Victims of dog attacks in Wisconsin will likely consider their legal options. However, dog owners are not necessarily always at fault, and various aspects will have to be considered to establish negligence in a personal injury lawsuit. While owners of dangerous dogs may believe that posting signs to warn people of the presence of dogs on their properties may prevent lawsuits, that may not necessarily get every Wisconsin dog owners off the hook.

Wisconsin car accident claims life of 55-year-old passenger

Drivers in Wisconsin may not always realize that they are responsible for the safety of their passengers. If a driver's negligence causes a car accident that kills or injures a passenger, he or she may be held liable for damages. A recent collision on Highway 38 may lead to such a civil lawsuit.

Fatal DUI accident follows multiple warnings not to drive

A 38-year-old Wisconsin man is facing multiple charges after he allegedly caused a crash that caused death and injury on New Year's Day. A criminal complaint alleges that the accident followed a day of drinking at a tavern. Reportedly, the man arrived at the bar at approximately 10:30 a.m. and prepared to leave shortly before 6:30 p.m. after almost eight hours of consuming alcohol.

Medical malpractice may be curtailed in Wisconsin by Julie's Law

One of the problems encountered when surgical procedures do not go as planned is the fact that the patient is anesthetized and not witness to what takes place. Medical malpractice claims require proof of negligence and the failure to maintain specific standards. However, this is a challenging prospect for victims or remaining family members of those that do not survive surgeries. There are those in Wisconsin who believe that cameras in operating rooms may prevent medical malpractice.

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