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July 2019 Archives

Head-on crash near Fairfield sends 2 to hospital

One of the worst mistakes that can be made after a traffic accident involving personal injury is the attempt to escape from the scene without being identified or arrested. Such attempts usually fail, and the would-be escapist only worsens his legal predicament. A head-on crash near Fairfield, Wisconsin produced a similar result when two people were observed running from the scene of the accident.

Two semi-trucks crash and burn, killing two on I-94

Anyone who has driven on the nation's Interstate Highway System can attest to the large number of semi-trailer trucks that use the same highways. Most semi drivers are well-trained and obey traffic laws, especially speed limits. Nevertheless, semi-trucks are frequently involved in serious motor vehicle collisions that injure or kill other drivers and their passengers. An especially serious semi-trailer truck crash south of Milwaukee on I-94 recently demonstrated the extent of the threat posed by these highway goliaths.

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