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August 2013 Archives

Man dies in Wisconsin car accident after running stop sign

Most Wisconsin residents are aware that a car accident can happen at any given time. This is especially true when other drivers do not exercise responsible driving behavior. This is unfortunately the case in one recent Wisconsin car accident where a 31-year-old man did not stop at a stop sign. That man has died and the other victim had to be taken to the hospital for treatment of significant injuries.

Wisconsin car accident kills pedestrian

Tragedy struck when a recently engaged 32-year-old woman was purportedly killed by a motorist. The 48-year-old driver of the car is said to have fled the scene after the car accident, but law enforcement was able to track him down. Related to this incident, 21 fatal pedestrian accidents have occurred this year in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin DUI car accident kills 2, injures 1

Countless drunk driving accidents can be prevented. Many people who decided to drive drunk failed to take the option of having a designated driver. In those circumstances, the driver believes they are fully capable of driving, even when their judgment is impaired. An apparent Wisconsin drunk driving car accident recently killed two passengers and leaving another hospitalized.

Wisconsin driver fails to yield, causes 2-car accident

Car accidents that result in injury continue to plague our roadways. Most Wisconsin readers are aware that a car accident can take place within just a few seconds. For this reason, many people try to drive defensively but, even then, a crash is not always avoidable. Recently, a two-car accident occurred on a Saturday afternoon along Wisconsin 42 where it meets South Trail Road in Egg Harbor.

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