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October 2019 Archives

Making a personal injury claim

An accident victim may file a legal action for injuries in Wisconsin if someone else is more responsible for their injury than they are. However, these lawsuits must follow the appropriate procedures, meaning they must target the appropriate party. A business owner has liability for avoidable accidents and unsafe conditions on their property. Renters and homeowners have liability for not maintaining sidewalks or properly securing dangerous pets. These examples make a direct, logical sense.

Avoiding problems with commercial real estate transactions

It can be an exciting step for a Wisconsin company to buy or lease a new commercial building or storefront. Perhaps the needs of your business have changed, or maybe you're offering new products that require a different type of space. When you find the right place for your company, you may feel tempted to rush ahead and sign the contract, but that's probably not the wisest course of action. 

Commercial real estate confronting coworking spaces

Commercial real estate matters involve changing economies and trends that also impact other businesses, such as transportation and retailing. Landlords, companies and professionals in real estate law should be prepared to address the growing popularity of coworking spaces.

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