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December 2012 Archives

Multiple Wisconsin OWI arrests could lower accident risk

The ramifications of drinking and driving can be life-altering. An accident that results from the decision to drink and drive is entirely preventable. A recent rash of OWI arrests throughout Wisconsin reminds residents of the dangers that drunk drivers pose, as well as the need to remain vigilant while on the road.

Wisconsin car accident leads to multiple injuries

When out on the roads, drivers and passengers are aware that there are risks associated with vehicular travel. However, automobiles have become such an integral part of the American way of life that we often forget just how real and present those dangers can be. A recent car accident has reminded many Wisconsin residents of how quickly a normal, average drive can become something much more significant.

Is the possible prevention of future car accidents worth 'spy cars'?

After a car accident, even one without serious injuries, most people are shaken up. Often enough, they can't remember clearly what happened, and memories have been shown to change over time. Even the most honest motorist may not know whether he or she was at fault if the collision is sudden.

Definition of medical malpractice expands to include affair

When a Wisconsin resident seeks medical care, he or she assumes a number of protections. These include the right to expect proper and professional care, and to have issues addressed in a timely and medically appropriate manner. When a medical professional violates that implicit trust, medical malpractice claims can follow. One recent case goes a long way toward expanding the legal understanding of what does, and does not, constitute medical malpractice.

Verdict handed down in fatal Wisconsin car accident

When a family goes through the loss of a loved one, there are a range of emotions that occur. The grieving process can be lengthy, especially when the deceased died suddenly. This scenario is playing out for one family following the death of a Wisconsin man is a terrible car accident.

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