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Wisconsin child killed in drunk driving car accident

Wisconsin parents invest a vast amount of time and energy in ensuring the safety of their children. We carefully check their toys for product recalls, make sure they eat food that is as healthy and pure as possible and teach them to be careful and aware of the dangers within their home and school. Sometimes, however, danger comes at the hands of others, and is virtually unpreventable, no matter how conscientious our efforts. The recent death of a 13-year-old boy from a car accident caused by a drunk driver is a prime example of how quickly a child can be lost to the actions of another.

The accident took place on a recent Friday night in Middle Inlet, Wisconsin. Around 11:30 p.m., a 28-year-old man pulled out of the parking lot of a bar with no headlights on. He proceeded to turn onto US-141, driving the wrong direction, where he collided head-on with a car driven by a mother and carrying her three children.

The woman’s 13-year-old son died as a result of injuries sustained during the crash. In addition, the mother and her two other children, both female, sustained serious injuries and were hospitalized. There is no report of the nature of their injuries or their prognosis.

The Wisconsin man who struck this family has a history of drunk driving, with a prior conviction. In this case, he is charged with homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle, as well as a felony count of homicide while driving drunk and multiple lesser charges related to driving while intoxicated. As this case makes its way to court, the extended family of those injured in this car accident may find some measure of justice in the outcome of the criminal trial. However, they also have the option of pursuing a wrongful death civil action against the driver, and a successfully litigated claim could not only allow them to recover damages associated with this incident, but may also bring an additional sense of justice to those who are grieving this tragic loss.

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