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Hulk Hogan sues for medical malpractice, once again

Wisconsin wrestling fans may have heard the news of a recent lawsuit filed by industry giant Hulk Hogan. The medical malpractice suit stems from a series of surgeries the star experienced in attempts to lessen the severe back pain brought on by his long-ranging career as a professional wrestler. The high level of publicity surrounding the suit could help others better understand their legal rights when it comes to unnecessary surgical procedures.

The basis of the medical malpractice lawsuit involves the claim that the company and several doctors in its employ sold Hogan on numerous unnecessary procedures in an attempt to collect high medical fees. The wrestler underwent multiple endoscopic surgical procedures for spinal injuries. However, he claims that the company and doctors used ‘scare tactics’ to promote their services.

In addition, the complaint alleges that the wrestler was misinformed about the benefits of these surgical procedures. He claims that he was never told that the procedures only had the ability to provide temporary relief of his pain, and could not provide a cure or long-term pain relief. As a result, the wrestler claims that the surgeries only served to ‘further destabilize’ his existing back injuries, and that no significant pain relief was achieved.

Hogan is asking for more than $50 million in his complaint, claiming that he has lost significant income due to unnecessary surgical procedures. While most people who experience medical malpractice will not suffer financial losses at this level, this case does serve as an example of the legal recourse available when an individual is harmed by unnecessary medical procedures. Anyone who feels that they have been on the receiving end of high-pressure medical sales tactics resulting in procedures that were not medically necessary may benefit by researching his or her rights under Wisconsin law.

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