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Wisconsin drunk driving car accident kills 2, injures 1

When an individual is involved in a serious car accident, their life, and the lives of those closest to them can change in an instant. Everything ‘normal’ comes to a halt as loved ones scramble to find out the extent of the injuries sustained in the car accident and wait for news of the prognosis for recovery. Even once a Wisconsin resident begins the recovery process, it can be a long time before ‘normal’ comes back into play.

During this timeframe, many families undergo a series of sudden and unanticipated transformations. In some cases, the primary breadwinner is unable to return to work for a significant period of time, bringing financial troubles to the forefront. In other scenarios, the person who handled the majority of the parenting duties becomes incapacitated, which places stress and additional responsibilities on everyone else within the family. These types of disruptions can have serious effects on a family, and can place a great deal of financial strain on an already tense situation.

One Wisconsin family will have to address these issues in the aftermath of a terrible car accident that sent a 52-year-old woman to the hospital. Police believe that the crash occurred due to drinking and driving. A 30-year-old male and his 57-year-old father were driving on Wisconsin 29 when their vehicle crossed the center line, colliding with another car. Both men died at the scene of the crash.

Many may believe that there is little recourse available for victims of a car accident in which the responsible party lost his or her life. However, it is possible to pursue a Wisconsin civil suit for wrongful death against the estate of a negligent driver. Such a suit could result in an award of damages to the victim, which can help to cover the costs of medical care and financial damages associated with the incident.

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