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Wisconsin woman killed, 5 others injured in accident

As Wisconsin drivers, we take on a wide range of responsibilities in regard to those we transport in our vehicles, as well as others who share the roadways. When driver neglects those responsibilities, the result can be injury or even death. A recent car accident exemplifies how quickly a ‘normal’ trip can turn into a tragedy. The resulting investigation may reveal that driver negligence contributed to a loss of life and serious injury.

Investigators believe that the driver of a sport utility vehicle left the roadway, lost control and rolled over. Inside the vehicle were six occupants, two women and four men. The ages of the occupants ranged from 18 to 24. Police believe that they were not wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident.

As a result of the crash, one woman lost her life. In addition, all five other occupants were seriously injured. The victims were transported to at least three area hospitals. There is no word on their current condition or timeline for recovery.

Emergency responders reported a smell of alcohol when treating the victims. The crash remains under investigation, but if toxicology samples determine that the driver was operating the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, those injured in the Wisconsin accident may decide to pursue legal action against him or her. Even if the driver is the individual who lost their life, it may be possible to pursue her estate in a personal injury suit. A successful suit could help cover the cost of medical treatment and other financial losses brought on by this accident.


Source: waow.com, “Woman killed, five hurt when SUV rolls over,” Robert Imrie, April 1, 2013

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