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Wisconsin car accident injures local real estate agent

A car accident can be a devastating time not only for the victim and their family, but for the area as well. When a local figure of the community is involved, it can especially shake a tight-knit community. A recent car accident involving a Wisconsin real estate agent has made headlines and touched the community where it took place.


The real estate agent was riding his motorcycle when he was reportedly struck by a woman driving an SUV. He received serious injuries in the collision and was taken via helicopter to a nearby hospital. Specific details of his injuries were not immediately available, although the man’s condition was listed as serious but stable according to one report.

While the police are still investigating the crash by reconstructing as well as speaking with any potential witnesses, the man remains hospitalized. Although charges are still pending, the victim or his family may want to look into the possibility of filing a civil suit to recover any expenses that have incurred as a result of the accident. Medical bills usually add up quickly and it seems evident that this man will be unable to work while hospitalized, which could cause a huge financial strain.


Any Wisconsin resident that has been a victim of a car accident may benefit from researching the appropriate laws. It can often prove to be in the victim’s best interest to be proactive. By doing so, a victim can be hopeful they will receive monetary compensation in a timely manner which can help prevent financial devastation. Although the pain and suffering can’t be taken away, at least a victim can protect their financial future.


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