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Wisconsin car accident results in arrest of man that was texting

In today’s busy world, too many drivers multi-task while driving. Whether it’s texting, talking on a cell phone or even emailing, almost everyone has used a mobile device behind the wheel at some point. All of these actions greatly increase the chances of a car accident. In a recent Wisconsin car accident, not only was the driver supposedly texting and driving, but he was allegedly driving drunk as well.


The man was slowing down for a traffic light when he rear-ended the motorcycle in front of him. The motorcycle rider was knocked off of his bike and hit his head on the pavement. He was not conscious at the scene but was reportedly breathing.

The driver reportedly admitted to police that his head was down to text when the accident occurred. He was arrested for drunken driving causing injury. While other charges could still be pending, the victim or his family may want to look into the possibility of filing a civil suit as well. The victim will likely be facing medical bills as well as potential long-term care bills and lost wages, depending on the extent of his injury. These monetary losses could potentially be recovered, which could protect the victim’s financial future.


Any Wisconsin resident that has been the victim of a car accident involving a distracted driver knows how painful and frustrating it can be. The situation is only worsened by the fact it was caused by a careless driver. It could be in the victim’s best interests to know their rights under the state law. Having an understanding of their rights can help equip them with the knowledge needed to receive monetary compensation.


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