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Man dies in Wisconsin car accident after running stop sign

Most Wisconsin residents are aware that a car accident can happen at any given time. This is especially true when other drivers do not exercise responsible driving behavior. This is unfortunately the case in one recent Wisconsin car accident where a 31-year-old man did not stop at a stop sign. That man has died and the other victim had to be taken to the hospital for treatment of significant injuries.

The accident occurred a little after noon on Friday when the driver of a Chevy was traveling in the westbound direction and going through an intersection. A man that was driving a van through the same intersection kept on going through the stop sign. At that point, the van slammed into the Chevy. Authorities spoke with a witness to the accident and the witness claimed that there was no way the accident could have been avoided and the driver of the van never stopped.

The driver of the Chevy suffered from serious injuries as a result of the accident and was transported to the hospital for treatment. The driver of the van was declared dead after being taken to the hospital. No other passengers have been reported. Authorities are still investigating the crash.

The driver of the Chevy may face financial loss due to missed time from work, medical costs and other financial burdens related to this car accident. He may also experience pain and suffering related to his injuries. The man may have the belief that he will not be able to recover damages since the other driver is deceased, however, the man may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit against the estate of the deceased driver. The civil court system in Wisconsin typically adjudicates these types of lawsuits and awards damages if the other driver is deemed responsible for the injuries suffered.

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