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Wisconsin woman pleads guilty to killing biker in car accident

A Wisconsin man out for an early morning bicycle ride recently was killed by a woman who was driving drunk. The fatal car accident happened just after 5 a.m. The bicyclist was riding north when the woman’s vehicle ran into him head-on. According to his GPS tracker, he had been riding for about 15 minutes.

Investigators found the man’s body in a nearby ditch. His mangled bicycle was found in a fence some ways away. The woman was not hurt, but her car sustained damages in the accident.

Prior to the crash, the woman had been at a tavern for a relative’s birthday party. She told investigators she had only had a couple of beers while there, but the bartender said she had consumed several shots of liquor as well. Her blood alcohol level was well above the legal limit when she was given a test several hours after the accident.

The woman pleaded guilty to homicide while driving drunk. Other charges that had been filed, including driving while suspended, were dismissed. The woman was taken into custody and later released on cash bond. Her sentencing is scheduled for early spring.

Whether the woman spends time in a Wisconsin jail and/or pays a hefty fine, she cannot undo the damage done. The family of the man who died in the fatal car accident will never have their loved one back. They may want choose to assess the viability of filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the woman deemed responsible. It could provide them with the means to cover any end-of-life expenses they may be facing and give them the extra help they may need to get through what is undoubtedly a very difficult time.

Source: The Chippewa Herald, Holler pleads guilty in dentist’s death, Rod Stetzer, Jan. 23, 2014

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