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Wisconsin woman sentenced for role in fatal car accident

A Wisconsin woman whose actions resulted in the death of another woman was sentenced recently to one year of incarceration. She will also spend an additional four years on probation, during which time she’ll be required to perform court-ordered community service. The woman has already served more than 200 days in jail as she waited for resolution of the criminal charges stemming from the car accident she caused.

The charges stem from an accident that occurred last summer. The woman went around two vehicles on the road in front of her. Another driver attempted to get out of the way and could not maintain control of her vehicle as she did so. Her vehicle collided with another car and went into a ditch. She then was ejected from the car.

The woman attempting to avoid an accident died while still at the accident location. The woman found responsible continued on her way without pulling over to offer aid or check the other driver’s condition. She told officials she was unaware that the accident had occurred.

If the woman does not follow the probation terms that were ordered by the court, she will return to jail for a three-year sentence. She will then be required to serve two additional years on probation. Her driver’s license has been revoked for a period of one year.

Jail time and probation may not be the only retribution the woman can face for her role in this tragic car accident. The family of the woman who died retains the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit in a Wisconsin courtroom against the woman responsible for the victim’s death. A successfully litigated claim could provide a measure of compensation for their sudden loss.

Source: Sheboygan Press, Plymouth woman sentenced to jail, probation for fatal crash, Laurie Ritger, March 5, 2014

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