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A Wisconsin expecting mother may be more prone to a car accident

A car accident can occur for a number of different reasons, from distracted driving and drunk driving to inclement weather and auto defects. In Wisconsin, there are many things on the highways that can pose danger to a driver. However, what some may not realize is that a pregnant woman may be more at risk for being involved in a car accident.

A new study suggests that women driving in their second-trimester are more likely to get in a car accident when compared to the years prior and after their pregnancy. The study suggests that it is due to the fatigue, insomnia, distraction and anxiety that a pregnant woman is constantly experiencing. All of these conditions may contribute to a mistake by the driver.

The study examined over half a million women, who were tracked for four years prior and one year following the birth of their babies. During the women’s first month of pregnancy, there was roughly 175 crashes each month that were serious enough for the women to be taken to the ER. At the beginning of the second trimester, that number jumped to nearly 300 per month. The number of crashes were reduced to well under 170 crashes per month during the third trimester and the year after giving birth.

Whether the information in this study is truly accurate or not is up for debate. However, it is recommended that pregnant women in Wisconsin and across the nation ensure that they are buckled up, are 10 inches from the steering wheel and have their air bags on when driving. However, not all accidents that involve pregnant women are the fault of the women. Should a car accident occur, involving a pregnant woman or any other innocent victim, due to the negligent driving of another individual, the victim may have the option of pursuing a personal injury claim for possible pecuniary damages, which may include loss of income, medical costs, mental anguish and other related damages.

Source: Wisconsin Rapid Daily Tribune, Study: Pregnant drivers may have more car crashes”, Kim Painter, May 12, 2014

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