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Car accident on Wisconsin Interstate leaves 1 dead

It is an unfortunate reality that not all drivers are as aware of their surroundings as they should be when navigating Wisconsin roadways. This inability to remain present during the act of driving can lead to a preventable car accident, which — depending on the severity –can result in an immeasurable loss of life. A recent Thursday morning accident was allegedly the result of a driver’s failure to acclimate to the conditions of the road.

In the aforementioned accident, a driver of a dump truck reportedly failed to slow down on I-90 near a construction zone where drivers were merging onto the Interstate from a nearby exit. The truck driver struck the rear of a car, beginning a chain reaction which involved in a total of five additional vehicles. The other cars were pushed aside, but the dump truck and the first car ended up in a nearby median, where they caught fire after the crash.

Following the accident, two people were reportedly taken to an area hospital. One victim had life-threatening injuries, but the second victim’s injuries were non-life threatening. No other injuries were reported at that time of the accident.

The result of this unfortunate Wisconsin car accident was regrettably fatal for one victim. The family of the deceased may wish to pursue a wrongful death claim, which may provide them with legal recourse to seek financial relief for the loss of their loved one and any additional applicable damages. Additionally, the surviving victim may decide to pursue a personal injury claim could allow for the victim to receive appropriate compensation for their injuries and any additional compensatory damages. In both types of claims, it will be necessary to prove that the death and/or injuries that resulted were caused by the negligence of another party to the collision.

Source: wxow.com, “WI State Patrol: One fatality in I-90 crash”, Stacy Shones, July 24, 2014

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