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Navy vet in vegetative state after alleged medical malpractice

Many people have heard of procedures that are described as routine. However, many others in Wisconsin know that a surgery or test that is considered routine can turn into anything but if proper protocols are not followed throughout the procedure. One woman has filed a medical malpractice claim stating that her husband is now in a persistent vegetative state after undergoing what should have been a routine colonoscopy and endoscopy.

The facility that performed the procedure was reportedly the man’s regular care facility. Reports concerning the case state that the woman first experienced alarm when what should have been an hour-long wait turned into two. When she was finally contacted by personnel at the facility where the procedure was performed, she received the shocking news that her husband had stopped breathing during the procedure and had suffered brain damage.

A representative for the woman claims that her husband has a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea and that those with this diagnosis require special precautions when administered the type of anesthesia used in this procedure. According to the claim, these precautions, including measures to keep the airway open, were not taken. Additionally, the wife of the 47-year-old victim believes that the medical facility that performed the procedure should have been aware of his condition as it was that facility’s physicians who originally sent him for a sleep study that led to his diagnosis.

The woman has recently notified the U.S. Navy of her intent to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Because of the severity of the man’s injuries and the intensive, long-term care he will likely require, medical bills are likely becoming overwhelming. In this case, the woman may be awarded compensation to help cover the cost of her husband’s care, while also being awarded damages for other losses associated with his condition, such as loss of companionship and support. Wisconsin residents who have suffered in a similar fashion may also be able to seek compensation through a medical malpractice claim.

Source: firstcoastnews.com, “Routine surgery leaves Navy vet in vegatative state”, Heather Crawford, Nov. 25, 2014

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