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Jury agrees medical malpractice led to woman’s brain damage

It is only natural for people to make mistakes in their everyday lives. Mistakes even often occur in a person’s work environment. While some mistakes are understandable and forgivable, medical malpractice stemming from a medical care provider’s negligence can have devastating consequences for patients in Wisconsin and all across the country. One recent lawsuit filed on behalf of an out-of-state woman claims that a terrible mistake caused permanent brain damage.

According to court papers, the woman, who is now 31, was treated by the defendant in the case, although the exact nature of the treatment is unclear. Regardless of the details, the doctor allegedly failed to monitor her blood sugars. As a result, she is said to have suffered brain damage because her blood sugar levels became too low.

The lawsuit was recently filed by the woman’s guardian. A spokesperson for the plaintiff has said that the injured woman is unable live independently or work. Additionally, she will require 24-hour care for the rest of her life. After a 7-day trial, a jury recently agreed with the claims made against the doctor in the case, awarding the patient’s guardian $8.3 million in damages.

The woman and her guardian are now left coping with the ramifications of medical malpractice. Unfortunately, many people in Wisconsin have suffered similarly as a result of a medical care provider’s negligence. By pursuing a civil action, a victim could receive damages to help cope with the cost of treatment, as well as other financial issues, stemming from such a failure. Additionally, other patients could be protected from future malpractice.

Source: springfieldnewssun.com, “Clark County jury awards $8.3M in medical malpractice case“, Tiffany Y. Latta, Jan. 23, 2015

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