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1 killed, 1 injured in Wisconsin car accident

Anyone who travels on this country’s roadways is likely aware of the risk that they are taking by doing so. People die or are seriously injured in accidents every day. While there are many instances where a victim is unable to avoid a car accident, there are some simple actions that a driver can take to increase his or her safety while using the roadways, such as obeying posted speed limits. Unfortunately, police believe speed may have been a factor in a recent Wisconsin accident that killed one man and injured another.

Police say they received reports of the accident at approximately 3 a.m. one morning in January. According to reports, a van struck an embankment and then hit a utility pole and another embankment. It eventually came to a stop after rolling. Both of the van’s occupants, two males ages 49 and 30, were ejected during the crash.

The older occupant died at the scene. Although the second man was initially transported to the hospital, reports indicate that he was then airlifted to a different facility. His condition is unclear. Police continue to investigate the accident, but they do believe that speed may have been a factor.

The loss of a family member in such an unexpected, possibly preventable, car accident likely comes as a shock in addition to creating financial burdens. In this case, a second man appears to have suffered significant injuries — injuries that could create serious financial implications, including lost wages and medical bills. In order to cope with expenses stemming from an accident such as this, a civil suit could be filed in a Wisconsin civil court once it is determined who was driving the vehicle when it crashed. If such a case is successfully presented, a plaintiff could receive an award of damages to help reduce the financial load created by a serious injury or fatality.

Source: thenorthwestern.com, “Ripon man killed in rollover crash near Green Lake“, Jennifer K. Woldt, Jan. 22, 2015

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