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Woman claims medical malpractice led to additional surgery

There are hundreds of issues that might lead to the need to have a surgery. Those in Wisconsin who undergo such treatment are made aware of the potential risks of the procedures. While there are known risks with every surgery, a patient should feel safe from additional harm created by medical errors. One out-of-state woman, however, claims that medical malpractice caused her to require additional treatment.

In papers filed in court, the woman reports that she underwent surgery in late Oct. 2011 to remove a previously implanted gastric band. Unfortunately, she claims that, two days after the surgery, she began to experience severe pain in her abdomen, in addition to vomiting and other symptoms. At that time, she was rushed to the hospital.

Records indicate that a CT scan revealed a foreign object in her body. An additional surgery was performed, apparently leading to the discovery of a surgical instrument that had been left during the surgery just days before. In her recently filed lawsuit, the woman is asking for unspecified damages to cover medical costs and other expenses.

While it is only human to make mistakes, leaving a surgical instrument behind can have serious consequences on a person’s life. In some cases, it could even be fatal. Patients must be able to trust that their medical care providers can provide quality medical care that will not result in additional injury or illness due to negligence. For those in Wisconsin who have been a victim of medical malpractice, there may be legal remedies available. An experienced attorney can discuss these remedies and help pursue an appropriate course of action.

Source:, “Doctor, hospital sued after surgical implement allegedly left in patient following surgery“, Kyle Barnett, Jan. 28, 2015


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