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Man’s death leads to medical malpractice claim

People face death every single day. Usually, they are unaware of the potential hazards they just escaped. While people know they could be at risk for harm from a car accident, they likely do not expect that a doctor or other medical care provider’s actions could actually worsen the injuries suffered in an accident. Unfortunately, many in Wisconsin are aware of the potential consequences of medical malpractice. One out-of-state woman recently filed a claim against the facility that she says failed to adequately treat her husband after a motorcycle accident, resulting in his death.

The accident happened in Nov. 2011. In court papers, the woman claims that emergency medical technicians, who were employees of one of the defendants, discovered the man suffering from chest and stomach pain after a motorcycle accident. By the time he arrived at the hospital, his condition had worsened.

Soon afterward, the man was reportedly unconscious and struggling to breathe. Two hours after the accident, the patient died. His wife claims that his broken collarbone damaged an artery, causing blood to pool. The woman is accusing the hospital of failing to transport her husband to the hospital in a timely manner, failing to accurately diagnose and treat his injuries, and failing to make adequate attempts to resuscitate him. She is seeking unspecified damages.

The loss of a loved one brings a great deal of turmoil. When that loss was completely preventable, that turmoil is even greater. Many in Wisconsin who have lost a loved one due to the negligence of a medical care provider or facility have chosen to pursue legal actions in civil court, as this woman has done. By doing so, they could receive monetary compensation to help cope with medical bills, loss of wages and funeral expenses resulting from medical malpractice, while also protecting future patients from similar harm.

Source: louisianarecord.com, “Widow of motorcyclist who died from accident injuries claims medical malpractice“, Kyle Barnett, Feb. 26, 2015

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