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Medical malpractice suit claims surgery without adequate consent

There are likely hundreds of people in Wisconsin who undergo surgery everyday. In all likelihood before any procedures are performed, the patient has a conversation with his or her doctor about what procedure is being performed as well as potential consequences of the surgery. In many cases, patients even sign consent forms acknowledging that they have received such information. However, one out-of-state man claims that his surgeon performed procedures to which he did not give consent. He is now suing the doctor, claiming medical malpractice.

The man says he was suffering from a torn right rotator cuff and, as a result, underwent surgery in Oct. 2012. He says the surgery was performed with the belief that the doctor would repair — or attempt to repair — the cuff. According to claims made in court papers, the patient was given little details regarding the procedure, but says he only gave consent to have the damage repaired.

After surgery, the man claims he noticed an extreme weakness in his right arm — weakness that he had not experienced prior to the operation. He says he learned his doctor also performed surgery on his bicep. The plaintiff maintains that he knew nothing of this procedure. In fact, he argues, had he been adequately informed, he would have chosen an alternative treatment option due to the potential side effects. Because he is a father of young children and owns his own business that requires him to perform manual labor, he says that the surgery has had a far-reaching and lasting impacts on his life due to weakness and pain in his arm

This man claims that his life has been drastically affected because of medical malpractice. As a result, he is seeking to hold the doctor responsible for his negligent actions by filing a medical malpractice claim. People in Wisconsin who have suffered similarly also have the option of seeking legal recourse in a civil court. An experienced personal injury attorney can discuss legal option with such a victim and help form an appropriate plan of action.

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