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Failure to stop alleged cause of fatal Wisconsin car accident

There are likely hundreds of safety features that people encounter as they drive on Wisconsin roadways. Most people barely even register things such as painted lines on the road and guardrails. However, ignoring traffic lights and traffic signs — features that likely prevent accidents and save lives — can have tragic consequences. For example, police claim that a recent car accident was caused by a driver who failed to stop at an intersection.

The incident occurred in late July. Reports indicate that the 23-year-old driver of a pickup truck failed to stop at an intersection. As a result, the truck collided with a convertible driven by a 71-year-old man.

The convertible spun sideways before ultimately coming to a rest in a ditch. While the older driver died as a result of the injuries suffered in the accident, the driver of the pickup was uninjured. It is unclear if criminal charges are expected to be filed.

It is hard to imagine how the family of the deceased victim is coping with the news of his unexpected, seemingly preventable death. In addition to dealing with their shock and grief, they must also make plans to put the Wisconsin man to rest. Unfortunately, funerals are expensive and often create an additional burden for family members already overwhelmed with loss. Many car accident victims seek relief for the financial burdens created by another’s negligence in a civil court. While an award of damages will do little to lessen this family’s grief, it could eliminate at least some of the stresses created by the accident, allowing them to focus on their emotional recovery.

Source: sheboyganpress.com, “Sheboygan man killed in 2-car crash“, July 24, 2015

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