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Federal judge rules medical malpractice caused girl’s condition

Parents in Wisconsin and across the country spend nine months anticipating the birth of their child. When most leave for the hospital, they expect that they will soon return home with their healthy child. Unfortunately, a child who lives out of state suffered serious injuries as a result of medical malpractice during delivery, likely leaving the child’s mother facing a very different reality than she initially expected.

The case recently resulted in a lawsuit heard before a federal judge. The lawsuit claims that the doctor who delivered the now 3-year-old girl ignored signs that a C-section was necessary, delaying needed medical treatment. The signs included indications that a vaginal birth was not possible and that the child was in distress.

The federal judge who heard the case recently awarded the young girl $9.6 million. Additionally, her mother was awarded $250,000 for the emotional distress she experienced during the delivery. As a result of the medical malpractice, the young girl is blind, fed through a feeding tube and will never be able to walk or talk.

Anyone in Wisconsin who has cared for a loved one who suffered serious injuries likely knows that the costs of medical care can quickly become more than can be managed. When those injuries are a result of medical error, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be an appropriate option. If such claims can be proved, the court could order responsible parties to pay damages that will ensure that a victim will receive the medical care they need. Additionally, a lawsuit could potentially force medical personnel to reexamine their procedures to protect future patients.

Source: mercedsunstar.com, “Judge awards $9.6M to child in medical malpractice case”, Nov. 2, 2015

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