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Wisconsin personal injury attorney ready to help after crash

Victims of car accidents in Wisconsin often have many concerns and questions. Most pressing will likely involve the extent of their injuries. They will have conversations about their treatment and their long term prognosis. They will likely consider how their injuries will affect the rest of their lives, including their ability to earn a living. Because the aftermath of a crash can be overwhelming, many people turn to the experienced personal injury attorneys at Godfrey, Leibsle, Blackbourn & Howarth, S.C. for help.

Beyond the physical, victims of car accidents may have to consider the financial implications of their injuries. Medical expenses can quickly add up. For those who must also miss work, the stress regarding their financial situation can quickly compound. Unfortunately, some people are never able to return to work.

Our attorneys can help those who have been injured in an accident. We have experience with a variety of different incidents, including trucking, motorcycle and boating accidents. In many cases, we are able to settle without ever going to court. However, we are prepared to fully and aggressively litigate a case as we seek the compensation our clients deserve.

The harm — both emotional and physical — created in a car accident can have long term consequences on a victim’s life in Wisconsin. If you are suffering from a personal injury suffered as a result of another’s negligence, the attorneys at Godfrey, Leibsle, Blackbourn & Howarth, S.C. are here to help. An initial consultation may be the first step to alleviating many of the stresses experienced as a result of a car accident.

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