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Wisconsin accident with injuries leads to drunk driving charges

Wisconsin residents will continue to suffer injuries or lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents for as long as some drivers choose to take to the roads while they are under the influence of alcohol. Drunk driving accidents are linked to a concerning number of injuries and deaths on our roadways. A suspected drunk driver was arrested after allegedly causing a car accident that resulted in injuries suffered by another driver.

According to the responding officer, the accident occurred in the early evening of a Sunday in the first part of November. The injured woman reported that she noticed the other driver — who apparently did not have the headlights of his vehicle engaged — veering into her traffic lane. She claims to have honked the horn to warn him; however, he proceeded to crash head-on into her car. She reportedly suffered multiple injuries, including a broken wrist.

The officer reported that the driver’s failure to maintain his balance as he exited his vehicle, along with the odor of alcohol and an empty beer can in the car, indicated the driver may have been intoxicated. A blood test apparently revealed an alcohol level of .28 percent, well in excess of the legal limit in Wisconsin. Furthermore, he has apparently been convicted of driving under the influence on at least two prior occasions, both of which resulted in injury. 

Whenever Wisconsin motorists are hospitalized after suffering car accident injuries, they will be faced with high medical bills. Fortunately, as long as it is possible to prove that the injuries suffered resulted from the negligence of another party, financial relief may be obtained. A personal injury claim that is successfully navigated may lead to a monetary judgment to cover all documented losses — not only financial but also physical and emotional damages.

Source: stevenspointjournal.com, “Man accused of driving drunk in head-on crash“, Chris Mueller, Nov. 23, 2015

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