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Wisconsin police investigate fatal car accident

There are many safe drivers on the road in Wisconsin. They observe the speed limit and all posted traffic signals while avoiding distractions. Despite these precautions, drivers sometimes find themselves unable to avoid the actions of others on the roadways. Unfortunately, a recent car accident killed one driver while seriously injuring another.

Police reports indicate that a 38-year-old man was driving on a Wisconsin roadway one afternoon in mid-December. It is believed that the man’s vehicle crossed the centerline. As a result, his vehicle allegedly slammed head on into a vehicle driven by an 87-year-old woman.

The woman was transported to the hospital but passed away due to the severity of the injuries she suffered in the accident. The male driver was transported to one hospital before being medflighted to a different one. Police have described his injuries as life threatening. The sheriff’s office reports that the accident remains under investigation.

Even a driver who only takes his or her attention away from driving for a split second can cause a serious car accident. The family of the deceased Wisconsin woman are now left to plan a funeral during the time of year that is typically devoted to enjoying time with family. Many who lose a loved one in such a manner find themselves struggling with the financial costs associated with a death. However, if their loss was the result of a negligent driver, a court could award them a monetary award if the negligence can be proved. Such an award would help surviving family members cope with the financial ramifications of their loss.

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