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Wisconsin police investigate suspected wrong-way car accident

Drivers in Wisconsin likely expect certain hazards while they are driving. Wildlife unexpectedly entering a roadway or a driver who changes lanes without checking his or her blind spot could be anticipated and possibly avoided in some situations. However, most do not expect a vehicle being driven the wrong way on the roadway. Police are currently investigating an alleged wrong-way car accident that sent four people to the hospital.

Police say the accident happened one Friday evening in early February. According to preliminary reports, a northbound car was traveling in the southern lanes. As a result, police say, the car collided with a southbound vehicle.

While it is unclear which car was allegedly driving in the wrong direction, one car contained one man who was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. The second car contained two women and a child. All three required hospital treatment but are expected to survive. Officials claim that alcohol was a factor in the collision.

A wrong-way car accident has the potential of causing serious harm, even death. Some victims in Wisconsin are left with nonfatal injuries that require serious, ongoing medical intervention. Because of their injuries, they may find themselves unable to work while facing significant medical bills. Fortunately, there is a path toward relief for victims who are injured as a result of another’s actions. If a victim can prove negligence to a civil court, he or she could receive an award of damages that would allow them to better cope with the financial implications of their injuries.  

Source: fox6now.com, “Police: Three vehicle crash in Brown Deer caused by wrong-way driver“, Megan Pospychala, Feb. 5, 2016

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